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LinkedIn Posted 10:45 PM on 08/03/09 - Reply to this post

Joanne, this is a great question. I am just now be introduced to the forum and sorry to see you didn't get some helpful responses - I could use thme!

Tino van Lienden

How to Use LinkedIn - Getting Started Posted 7:21 AM on 02/11/10 - Reply to this post

Hello Joanne, LinkedIn is a very good networking tool which can provide you with a lot of new opportunities! How to get started is easy, how to get started right to excellent can be found in "Let's Connect!" by Jan Vermeiren (ISBN 9781600372612) and his other books. Just use your creativity "the Gitomer-style" and you'll stand-out!! I'm working for a big international Imaging company and we see that LinkedIn and other networking tools are very helpful. In the Netherlands LinkedIn has already become a part of the salesman's equipment. Try it, use it, network and give freely!! Have a nice networking day!!

Matthew Murray

Comedy in Sales Posted 1:07 PM on 05/22/09 - 

Comedy in Sales Jeffery often speaks of using humor and comedy in sales ("If you can make them laugh, you can make them buy") Just wanted to offer my help in 'finding the funny'. I'm a professional stand-up comic as well as IT sales, and I'd like to offer my help if you need help with an opening line, brainstorming something funny about your product, some stock lines useable in cold calling or 1st meetings, whatever I can do to help you make them smile. Feel free to reply to this post and I’ll be happy to help. I’m not sure if I can put my email address on here ( but If I can, you can reach me there too! Thank you for the excellent books Jeffery!


Cold Call Help!! Posted 5:13 PM on 05/20/09 - 

Hi, New here to the forum. I sell Restaurant Franchises here on the West Coast. Because of the economy, and the fact lendors aren't lending right now, my target has been the experience multi unit franchise owners instead of the "mom and Pops' who basically call or email me. So now I am cold calling more than ever, but I just can't get enough appointments with these guys as they don't seem very interested in speaking.I don't have a powerful opening line. I'm not selling something that is going to save them money, increase profits, etc. I'm selling a new "Brand", another investment, etc. I know my goal on the phone is to just sell the appointment, but it's been very rare getting them. Any help is appreciated. Jason

Mary Otto

It's not you Posted 11:20 PM on 05/27/09 - Reply to this post

Jason Maybe you're like the fly that died trying to get thru the glass window when a door way to the great outdoors was 10 feet away... I am a network marketer that is with a company that has 200% more orders this year than last! This is a great time to " be there " for clients when times are tough so they will keep coming back when things do go better. Call Mary @ 765- 452- 3022 or send an e-mail in the next day or two.

Mary Otto

Cold Call Posted 12:12 AM on 05/30/09 - Reply to this post

Jason my email is hope things are going a bit better!


Cold Calling Posted 7:16 PM on 07/21/09 - Reply to this post

Jason, I never speak to anyone that does not WANT to speak to me. Let me explain. I position myself, company and products by using automated devices that do the grunt work for me (E-mail blasts, direct mail, voice broadcasting, auto-responders, etc., etc.). People responding to my marketing go to my website where I have capture pages or leave voice mails for me. When I call someone back it's because they've already seen my basic idea and THEY WANT TO TALK TO ME! No cold calling, no hang-ups...NO FRUSTRATION. Qualify the moms and pops that must borrow out of you orbit by telling them the financial hurdles they must jump before you will even "allow" them to speak to you. (Obviously you cannot do that arrogantly...position youself as the expert in the franchise world.) There are many lists you can purchase that have contact info. on people that have raised a flag by doing some thing in the marketplace that has identified themselves as "NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY SEEKERS." Franchise Magazines, list's services, etc., have a bunch of these people's names...get it. (Granted: I may not understand WHY you are trying to get appointments to sell franchised "locally"??? Why are you limiting your market by not tapping the no borders internet?) Hope this generates some ideas...blesss you!


hurdles due to economic down turn Posted 2:57 PM on 05/20/09 - 

Hi Folks, I am currently with a major IT servicing company into business development, could you help me with regards to the situation of economic downturn, where people are not intrested to give appointments over the phone keeping in veiw of the budget and the economic downturn. so please help me to turn those accounts to my list of hot leads.


Post Sale: How to deal with internal competiton? Posted 11:45 AM on 05/20/09 - 

Greetings, I work at a telecommunications company that sells a really specific product. We utilize a consultative and solution-based approach, one that allows our company to sell to our customer base for multiple locations across the country. Here is the scenario. I recently sold the corporate office our services, followed by 11 more locations. During this time, I have developed great relationships with the Director of IT and Purchasing manager, who make all of the procurement decisions for the company. There is another individual in the company who has built a smaller, scaled down version of our platform, and he is making it very difficult to continue the relationship by badmouthing our techniques and technology to my contacts. How does one handle this competition, which I consider to be internal? I have not encountered one of this magnitude, and the size of this opportunity is very large. I have tried inviting him to company-sponsored outings, lunch, the whole deal to get to know him and start a relationship, but he continues to go against us. Help!

Paul Cesak

Where to find qualified leads for free Posted 10:30 AM on 05/19/09 - 

Jeffrey, This is my little expression of my personal "best place to look" for leads. That would be in the Employment section of the local newspaper. I'm not so sure this would work in Pagosa Springs, Colorado...but in Houston....WOW! If a company buys a full page ad for hiring new employees, one knows instantly that they have some bucks and that they are on the move. A call anywhere in the company would get some kind of inside information. Maybe a quick company search on Linked-in would also get some insight as to who would be the best person to talk with. And if they buy a 1/2 page ad, still a great chance. I usually go down to 1/8 of a page and I look every Sunday. I have indeed had bosses looking over my shoulder on Monday morning wondering why I am looking at the Employment section of the Houston Chronicle. I even had one tell me that looking at this section during working hours is not a way to "get to the upper floor"'s a way to get to the street. But once one puts this practice into action, I guarantee (Ok...there are no guarantees), I promise, 95% odds they will continue to use the skill.


... Posted 12:51 AM on 10/02/09 - Reply to this post

good point, but why limit it to the ads? Several companies may have a buck but prefer to be discreet in their hiring when emerging in a new market. One great source for me in this respect has actually been Craigslist.


Self Improvement Posted 6:12 AM on 05/19/09 - 

Hi Folks, I am currently employed with the largest art dealer in the world as a cruise line auctioneer and times are tough as I am sure most of you out there have noticed. Generally we do O.K with sales but we would like to do great!! My question to you is this: On shorter 3 & 4 day " booze" cruises, how would you suggest we find quality clients and build great rapport, as we only have one auction due to time constraints?


Know your audience and focus your efforts Posted 11:47 AM on 05/20/09 - Reply to this post

This may be an obvious statement, but understand your demographic for those type of cruises and learn where those people go. Since you're talking about booze cruises, why not do some drawings or advertising/networking at bars in your area. Not dive bars, but bars where people that may be able to afford a cruise would hang out. Restaurants are probably an option too. I recently dropped my business card in a bowl at a restaurant and was chosen to receive a free lunch for me and 9 friends. What I didn't know is that the people sponsoring the lunch were also going to have a representative give us his spiel on the company's financial planning services. It was actually a pretty good way for him to network and he ended up getting two new clients out of the deal.I'm not sure of your company's stance on things like this, but it seemed like a good thing for the financial planning company. Just my two cents. Good luck!


Changes & Transition Posted 7:10 AM on 05/15/09 - 

Changes, transition...I've been unofficially promoted & moving to a new branch where the sales aren't as great & the negativity is "thick". There have been some changes w/staffing moving to other branches, people let go, etc. I'm lucky because I'm being given a chance to prove myself & I'm going to this branch with a manager that is aggressive & very good at his sales. I'm coming from a #1 branch to a branch that is not, & I & my manager are going to have to "motivate" and "motivate" these individual & get them on board. I'm reading on change, transitions, & also w/no prior management experience, how I can handle this new change for myself as well. We have alot of plans to increase sales, & motivate staff, but is there any advice anyone has that they can share that has worked? Thanks...


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