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Mulligan in the sales game Posted 3:23 PM on 04/30/13 - Reply to this post

It would seem the failure is your boss not you. I always ask what target market we are aiming at when evaluating product. One must know the destination BEFORE making out the roadmap!


Selling to big companies Posted 3:32 PM on 03/30/13 - 

I'm one of the many new to sales Account Managers on this forum. I work for a commercial furniture dealership with a niche! Specializing in storage and 'organizing' and 'saving space' for corporate, government, medical and education markets. I have 16 years of interior design project management as a furniture design planner to bring to the table and I started my sales career just 9 weeks ago with a large warm market in government. I'm now trying to work my way into a cold market I have very few connections in, decision makers at Hospitals, labs and higher education market. Most have a purchasing dept and an RFP process, but I still need to cut through the 'big fortress' is best just to walk in each building to a gate keeper or cold call (my big fear). I'm over whelmed and get intimidated at times. Any tips on big business for newbies in selling would be helpful? Thanks, Sarah


Should I stay or should I go Posted 9:54 AM on 03/12/13 - 

Greetings! I have been working for a medical device company for 15 years that has been in business since 1960 and has had a stellar reputation in the " surgical " arena. Approcimately 5 years ago, the owners of this privately held company sold out to an equity firm which planned on building it up and selling... Bang ! 2008 Recession. Business dropped substantially and the said plan got extended froma 3 year turnaround to ... so far to 7 years. The focus went from surgical to aesthetics ( non surgical face enhancements) and to go one step further, the new owners recently purchased another medical company ( aesthetics only ). I need to mention that the surgical devices we have had are USA made... Now, our aesthetic line is from overseas and not great quality. My problem is that I truly believe in the medical / surgical product however this new " device " is cheap and poor quality. I do not have the enthusiasm to sell this as it is a piece of crap... The business I am in is a trade show venue which still has a pretty strong attendance. I am 58 yrs old and reluctant to start looking for a new career again however am really considering the move. Being a successful sales rep, I have been able to negotiate a much higher base however that was recently reduced. I don't like the direction the company is going however at 58... " Do I stay or should I go now?". Thanks


Medical sales Posted 10:17 AM on 03/24/13 - Reply to this post



Should I stay or should I go Posted 3:09 PM on 04/12/13 - Reply to this post

Do you know your competitors that sell your quality of products...personally? Call your vendor of the product you like selling, and ask them who else do they sell to and talk with them. I get the feeling that you are not happy with your company nor the products. That will show and sit in the back of you head every time you talk with your customers and prospects. And that will effect your sales. It is a mind set really, learn more about the product you do not like, possibly might have value you are not aware of, bring it up to whomever bought it and let them know, or find another company that sell the products you believe in.


Medical Sales Posted 9:05 AM on 04/16/13 - Reply to this post

Hey Scott... Thanks for the feedback. I actually love the product which the company has based its reputation on. It's the new technology which I really don't believe in.... Plus it is " aesthetics" versus " surgical" . From the time I original posted the comment, I have negotiated a position allowing me to focus on the area of my expertise so all seems to be looking up. I am no longer being forced to stand behind a product I do not believe in.... I agree, it shows if you don't have the belief in your product.... Thanks.


No haters allowed! Posted 9:21 AM on 03/12/13 - 

Jeffery, Although I enjoy your, ezines and usually pick out some golden nuggetts, I'm tired of you criticizing the validity of ("1972 sales technique of finding pain"). You're not the first,and I'm sure you won't be the last person to make an uninformed judgement on David Sandler's selling sustem. Granted, it's not for everybody and it is a very difficult system to master. However, those that do so are incredibly successful way beyond their sales careers. So please stop demeaning yourself by trying to demean a formidable competitor. Good selling to you. BR


Time management and focus Posted 7:07 AM on 02/19/13 - 

Please consider videos on time management and focus


Measuring ROI of Networking Posted 10:00 AM on 02/10/13 - 

Management wants justification for the expense of joining an organization whose members are people I target in sales. Quote: "I think in the sales department, as opposed to marketing, we measure our ROI in sales dollars directly tied to our expenses." It's possible that, upon joining, someone was needing my product. Great, I can measure that - now. However, after joining an organization for networking/connections/referrals, how do I measure in dollars? Is there a set time, I should be able to measure, ie. 3 month, 1 year?


How to Shorten Your Sales Cycle Posted 11:09 PM on 02/03/13 - 

Frustrated by the length of your sales cycle? This post looks at one of the key reasons that salespeople struggle to close a sale. It also suggests four steps that the Sales Head needs to take to fix this.


Do You Have This Problem? Posted 10:53 PM on 01/30/13 - 

Hi guys, I will be quick. I'm in sales, and I'm also an aspiring entrepreneur, and I want your input on a quick research study. I would just like these questions answered by any of you that are in sales! 1. I see a lot of of salespeople who constantly read about how to sell, but they can't seem to increase their income as much as you would expect from all the reading and training. Does this match your experience? 2. if so, expand on that - share your concerns about this experience and what are your current solutions to this challenge? 3. would an information product (think 2 hours of audio or something similar) about A) turning your sales knowledge/theory into actual sales skill and habits, and B) how to optimize the sales skills you already have through concepts like optimization and leverage be a solution to your challenge? 4. what would this solution need to have for you to purchase it? (would you ACTUALLY purchase it?) Again, this is all research. I don't actually have anything to sell, so don't worry about me soliciting. I am not emotionally attached or invested at all to this, I'm just looking for 100% honest and accurate feedback. Thank you if you participated!


No I don't. Posted 3:37 PM on 04/12/13 - Reply to this post

Chris, It is very simple, they can listen and read every book. They can have special head gear to make them focus...but they fail to make sales because they are afraid to fail, risk or even attempt to make an effort.


My largest client hires new CIO Posted 11:58 PM on 01/27/13 - 

My largest client has recently appointed a new CIO. Our organization has been working with them for several large SaaS technology rollouts. We have a great relationship with the project track leads at the client. Referrals is the way to go, right? Sure those help but I don't think its very strategic. I am interested in the new CIO's vision for the organisational technical infrastructure, introducing our related capabilities, assisting with her strategy, etc. My contacts seem to have been keeping their opinion to themselves. Suggestions on how to position our company in front of her, please!


Existing clients/New Strategy Posted 8:44 AM on 01/17/13 - 

I recently started work as a commercial lender and am trying to set appointments with existing bank clients. Many of the sales tips I see involve getting new clients and follow-up with existing clients. In my case, the clients are existing to the company but new to me. These clients are not used to a proactive banker reaching out to them, they are used to only coming to us when they need something. Any ideas as to how I can get them to take my call and make an appointment?


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