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Brent Williamz

Sales response via email Posted 10:10 PM on 05/04/09 - 

I received this email yesterday from someone wanting to buy one of our place-name domains. "I am interested in your '' domain. Is it for sale? What is your asking price?" On other occasions, I've tried various approaches with no result. It's a very specific product; in the right market it's worth a fortune, in the wrong market it's just letters on paper. This process stumps me every time. Folks, what will help get the sale here? Cheers, Brent

New Product Launch Posted 10:40 PM on 05/02/09 - 

Competitor is launching a new product range, they are marketing heavily and the cold callers are out there in force! All you sales guns and gurus your advice is needed, when a competitor launches a new product range is it best to cold call businesses offering a comparison to the new product?


Excel as a useful Data Base?? Posted 12:06 AM on 04/30/09 - 

Hi - I need help with a follow up system. The only thing my company uses is EXCEL! I read in the Jeff's Sales Bible about "lead sheets" - has anyone used these? Does anyone have a "low tech" system they use and find successful? Thanks in advance!


Follow up System Posted 3:02 PM on 05/07/09 - Reply to this post

Alison, I have used a number over the years however I found ACT by Sage to be the most effective. May be a little expensive but worth every penny. Hope this helps.


Customer data base Posted 8:21 AM on 05/08/09 - Reply to this post

ACT will keep you straight and is one of the lower cost CRM products for individual use. Zillions of sales types have used it over the years.


Excell as a usefful Data Base Posted 11:48 PM on 05/08/09 - Reply to this post

My solution is a little more techie, but now by much. I have used both Sugar CRM and Customer Resource Managers. I currently use There is no software to keep up with. As long as you have access to the internet, you have access to your files. Steven Covey and Franklin Press joined together a few years ago to put together a 'planner' that incorporates the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. This works if you use a planner and they even have a 'plugin for MS Outlook. I worked at a company once that used 4X6 note cards. Out of all four I like the most.


Excel as a useful Data Base?? Posted 8:06 PM on 05/12/09 - Reply to this post

We too use as our customer management system. Its amazing how cleanly you can run a business with it, as long as you use it correctly. If you're looking low budget, you could always just use your outlook calendar. Simply add appointments to remind yourself to follow up. That is, if that's all you're trying to accomplish.


Excel as follow up??? Posted 9:59 AM on 04/29/09 - 

Hi - I need help with a follow up system. The only thing my company uses is EXCEL! I read in the Jeff's Sales Bible about "lead sheets" - has anyone used these? Does anyone have a "low tech" system they use and find successful? Thanks in advance!

Danny Bermant

voicemail Posted 10:51 AM on 04/23/09 - 

Some of the contacts I am trying to call are on answerphone/voicemail. When I get through to voicemail, how long should I wait before retrying? Generally I leave it week because if someone is away, I am wasting my time trying the same number every day. On the other hand, if the person I need to speak to is only in the office two days a week or only afternoons, I will only find that out by calling day after day, morning and afternoon. Generally I would call the gatekeeper to find out this information, but if it's a small business, there is sometimes no one else to speak to?


Voice Mail Posted 10:43 AM on 05/08/09 - Reply to this post

Don't terroize owners by agitating them with VMs. Find out what the best time to call them, then call them then.


need help with fear Posted 3:40 PM on 04/16/09 - 

I just got laid-off from my j.o.b. and started a new career in sales for a large insurance company. I need help to get rid off my FEAR to speak to people. I don't know what to do? If there is anybody that can help with information I will be grateful.

fear Posted 8:07 PM on 04/17/09 - Reply to this post

Don't "speak" to people. "Listen" to people. Generally, people who are better listeners do much better because they are attuned to their prospects' needs. Here's a great close I use regardless of where I am in the sales process: "Makes sense to me, what do you think?" That's it. If it makes sense to them, for their reasons - not yours, they'll move forward with you to the next step in the sales process. If it doesn't make sense to them, they will tell you what they think. That's it. Do this, ask good questions, don't tell, and listen to Gitomer! Get out there is listen!


overcoming fear of speaking Posted 2:00 AM on 05/03/09 - Reply to this post

Try Toastmasters. Good luck.

Barbara J

selling to big companys Posted 2:47 PM on 04/14/09 - 

I just heard about Jeffery (from a book at the library) and I see there is so much to learn and have fun with concerning selling. I have a small retail business growing steadly, inspite of my lack of selling here is my question. What's the best way for "small little ole me" to sell to big companys?


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