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Speeling tings rite Posted 6:10 AM on 04/21/09 - Reply to this post

Change the Spelling of Companys to Comapnies first. Remove the word 'with' from the first sentance. Change inspite to despite. MY POINT - Attention to detail people. Imagine a basic spelling mistake smells like a dead rotting animal. YOUR PROSPECTS WILL NOTICE. They will either think you are lazy or stupid. Either is bad and it makes them forget they are about to buy something.


CALL SALES Posted 12:42 PM on 04/14/09 - 

Calling for sales is hard you need to tell about the product with our someone see it, what is the best way to do this? What is the best way to help someone buy from us that gets their products from another company already, and may have for years?

Erik Latranyi

Call Sales Posted 7:59 AM on 04/21/09 - Reply to this post

First, don't explain your product over the phone in nauseating detail. Once you get the decision-maker on the phone, give them the overview of your product very briefly. Tell him that your company does business in a novel way and that you would like to evaluate their usage to see if you can save them money. If you can't save them money, they will not buy from you. Offering the free evaluation, face-to-face or over the phone. Get the appointment. Do not do this on the first call. During your appointment discuss their current usage, current supplier and perhaps even price. You will also find out what is important to this customer (hint: it is not the same for everyone buying that product) Once you are armed with all this information, you can create a proposal to save this company money in terms of raw cost, saving waste, reducing paperwork, etc. It will be up to you to justify your product and report on the potential returns to this customer. Arming your customer with this information gives them the confidence to switch suppliers.

Don Dominick

Losing Customer Loyalty Posted 3:30 PM on 04/13/09 - 

When the President of my company and I checked in at the front desk of the Hilton Garden Inn in Roseville, CA, the desk clerk enthusiastically greeted me and offered a complimentary bottle of water. The other clerk was assisted Chuck Pistor, President of Miracle Method and upon seeing my bottle of water asked for one too. The clerk ignored his request and continued to check him in. It was obvious we were together so Chuck asked again only to be told that I was a member of the Hilton HHonors program… and he was not. No water for him! It was not only rude, but a lost opportunity to ask him to become a member of Hilton HHonors program! Instead of turning an awkward situation into a marketing opportunity, they simply ignored Chuck and denied him a $1.00 bottle of water! For a lousy bottle of water a single Hilton Garden Inn destroyed the reputation for the entire Hilton chain. If training at the front desk is poor, it makes you wonder how well are the maids trained. Maybe the Marriott across the street has better service... and complimentary bottled water. Maybe Chuck should direct the 40 attendees for next year's event in Roseville to the Marriott. You know the moral of this story as well as we do… what employees say and do reflect on a company and its image. We’re responsible for training them and making sure these types of incidents don’t happen. By the way, we sent an email to Adam Burke, the Senior VP responsible for Customer Loyalty and the Hilton HHonors program at the Hilton Hotel Corporation. I suspect that he is interested in what's happening at front desks across his network just like we are interested in how Miracle Method owners and technicians handle customers across the country. Miracle Method provides refinishing services for dozens and maybe even hundreds of Hilton branded hotels across the country. You can be sure that we'll do everything we can to treat them better than they treated Chuck.


Losing Customer Loyalty Posted 10:35 AM on 04/21/09 - Reply to this post

It is the little things that get noticed. I call on retailers as a Manufacturers rep, store staffs have been cut and face time with management is limited at best. With confidence, knowledge and over a decade of experience this is as tough as it has been BUT.... I started bringing in a shopping cart or two on my way into the stores, occassionally helping customers find products that were not mine. Now I am getting noticed and store management is giving me valuable face time and allowing me to train their staff and even promoting our learning website to his staff during store meetings. Be consistant and they will side with you.


Returned calls Posted 3:47 PM on 04/09/09 - 

I need help and how do I get my calls returned after I have left a couple of messages. I sell investments - i make people money, thru real estate investing. They are very secured investments.


Return Calls Posted 8:22 AM on 04/14/09 - Reply to this post

I sell radio marketing and one way I have found that works for me is to leave a message that goes like this: ""Hello Mr/Ms Prospect, I have an idea that I think could work for you. Give me a call so I can explain how it works." It usually picques their curiosity enough to get a call back.


Cold calling results Posted 1:49 PM on 04/21/09 - Reply to this post

Always remember the power of humor. I had a customer who's boss forwarded my call to him who left me a message back that said " I'm calling to find out how I can save millions of dollars " You have to be creative in times such as these.

windy crutchfield

Real Estate Relationship Went South Posted 8:23 AM on 04/07/09 - 

Sales Disaster!! I'm a Realtor who worked with a client for over a year and showed her more than a hundred homes. I pointed out the good, the bad, and how to overcome the bad. When she liked a house, I provided her comparables and advised on pricing. I created Virtual Tours on the houses that she wanted to show to her parents (who were involved but in another state). I showed some properties to her parents on their visits to town and treated them well. Throughout our relationship, this young lady frequently told me who much she appreciated me and told everyone how great of an agent I was. Then one day she emailed me that she was too busy with work and wouldn't be looking for a house any longer. I let her know that I would like to join her for coffee sometime, so I still was keeping the relationship open. But there was no further response from her. Yes, I suspected that she was dropping me or maybe that she in fact wasn't going to buy. But I was surprised to learn that she bought a house that I showed her, using another agent. I asked if she would let me know why she did this after all of our time together, in order to help me grow as an agent, but she will not answer. The disaster in this is that I haven't found a lesson. Was I too much of a "service" person rather than a "sales" person? I want to continue providing that level of service, but apparently I couldn't get her to "buy" or feel loyal, no matter what I did. Are there just some folks out there like this & I just need to move on? How should I close out the communication with this woman? My company does have the opportunity to sue for the commission, but I don't want to (despite the expense involved on my part--labor, babysitters, coffees, gas, over a year's time). I just want to learn a lesson and go forward.

Susan Geitner

RE Relationship Reality Posted 5:16 PM on 04/09/09 - Reply to this post

I'm a Realtor as well and experienced this "turnabout" although I hadn't spent this much time with the customers. I had gone out of my way to assist this couple for a few weeks and clearly they found the home they liked as I showed it to them twice. They told me they weren't ready to buy since they needed to sell their home first which wasn't even listed yet. The next day (Sunday) they wrote a contract directly with the listing agent and bought the house, cash. Like you, I sought an answer to what I may have done wrong to which the customer assured me I hadn't. When I turned it back and requested he allow me to list his current home, since he still needed a listing agent, he stammered then said he was "Shopping" for an agent. My only lesson I could figure, was that simply sometimes people just don't like you or your style and it's nothing you're doing "wrong" just plain human dynamics. Best advice: shake it off and move on. Unless this is the norm, then I wouldn't let it bog you down.


Real Estate Relationship Went South Posted 11:27 AM on 04/18/09 - Reply to this post

Here is the lesson I learned from your story. I use my personal experiences. I want a realtor who listens. Showing me 100 homes shows no one listened to me.Fact finding should have placed 3-5 homes that happened to be my dream home or starter home.Anytime I have ever had a realtor show me more homes the thought, they want to sell me something instead of giving me what I want is most important to them. During my life I have purchased three homes. The first relator listened to what we wanted. A 2 story starter home ,close to a grade school with two bathrooms large kitchen and large master bedroom. They showed us what we wanted. The second wanted to take us house shopping .She showed us homes that we did not want and in areas where we did not want to live. We found a home and this realtor wanted her percentage even though she ahd nothing to do with the home sale or even the location of the house. The third realtor was sent pictures of what we wanted and an area we wanted. We lived 1000 miles away. They listened and sent us three homes with pictures of the neighborhood.We bought. Two cases where relators listened and heard what we wanted and the second one who only wanted her share of the money.The second did more and delivered less.


Real Estate Posted 8:43 PM on 05/21/09 - Reply to this post

I too am a Realtor & I truly appreciate your dilemna. I used to own a Day Spa & was very successful for a long time until the economy & people pleasing got too exhausting at that level, so I sold it. I recently read that people want to be treated the way they expect to be treated, & sometimes i think people want to be bossed & told.... not coaxed & coddled in Real Estate. If you give great quality service & respect & friendhip to a prospect/client You very well may be the first & only person in this prospects life being so good to them....I find that for me Real Estate is all about "Give me as much info as possible & I will take it".....Says the Prospect...There is a saying I am learning in Real Estate..."Don't throw your pearls in front of a Swine" Realize that you need to be precise & on point. You are the expert with the info & deserve respect for your knowledge, professionalism & guardianship of the process. We are not to be taking on more disfunctional "family" members...I sometimes get too personally involved & end up losing credibility. I care but over-caring like with this young lady. I think she was just looking for a friend to hang out with for the most part....Real Estate is a great professional hobby for some people. They simply enjoy looking, seeing how people decorate & never buying....In the future if you are really that personal with a client try asking & probing into how they have gotten along with friends & employers in the past. I suspect you will find this girl has a recurring theme in her life of going through a lot of friends...& maybe has struggles in relationships. Take this as a learning curve...You obviously got an opportunity to go to many listings with her & did research that now makes you have more Pearls in you arsenal of wisdom.


Real Estate Relationship Went South Posted 11:33 AM on 09/08/09 - Reply to this post

Wow! Did you have a buyer representation contract/agreement with this person? Here's the thing, when you are working with a buyer: 1) identify what their true needs are(spend time on this one) 2) make sure they can afford what they are looking for(letter of pre-approval from a lender or bank statement showing proof of funds for cash buyers) 3) have them sign a buyer representation contract/agreement(if the buyer does not want to sign one then what they really are telling you is that they do not want to work with you. Stop and move on to the next buyer) 5) if you have an buyer representation contract/agreement signed, then give them a list of all houses that match their buying criteria 6) have them choose their best five houses to see for that week repeat the same next week for a total of 4 weeks(unless they are out of area buyers and are only there for a weekend, you may choose to show them their next best five houses the next day) 7) if within the first 15-30 days of buyer representation they have not made an offer on any house, then kindly sit down with them and try to identify what has changed with their buying criteria since they began. Adjust your list to their new needs if any. 8) if they make no effort to make an offer with in the next 15 days, then thank them for their time and refer them to another agent in your office or a colleague in your area. 9) remember, if you do not see yourself as a professional, do not value your time, and money then no one else will. 10) only work with highly motivated, qualified and serious buyers.

Sales Recruiter

30/60/90 day sales plans Posted 4:25 PM on 04/01/09 - 

Use the 30-60-90 day sales plan to get the job offer everytime.


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