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Sales career transition Posted 9:10 AM on 03/31/09 - 

I am in the process of transitioning into a sales career. For the past 25 years I have worked as a industrial technician in various capacities. What I have discovered is that I have no passion for what I do. Recently I took a part time position for a telemarketing company selling credit cards for a major financial institution. Through this job I have discovered my passion! Not only do I love this job, but I consistantly rank as a top sales rep. I would like to take this to the next level. Any advice or resources wuold be appreciated.


Sales career transition Posted 12:19 PM on 04/02/09 - Reply to this post

The next level? Huh? Have you considered starting a leads generations company? I did. Contact me I'll give you details. Leave your contact info. I'll see if I can help. or 972.567.0274


Personal Coach Posted 10:31 PM on 03/19/09 - 

I am looking to find a personal coach.... I would like to know where to start and how to find one that I can trust


Coaching Posted 6:39 PM on 03/28/09 - Reply to this post

Brett Figuero in Denver is evidentially awesome. He was trained by Tony Robbins. His is HighOctane, enthusiastic and makes you accountable...what more do you need. Tell him Janet referred you.


Managing a sales force of Independent Reps Posted 5:45 PM on 03/16/09 - 

I am looking for tips on how to manage a national sales force of nearly fifty independent sales reps. My product competes with anywhere from ten to twenty other companies that each rep may carry and is not always the featured company. Any thoughts on how to stay at the top of their sales book?

Tee Kay

Managing a sales force of Independent Reps Posted 9:50 AM on 03/17/09 - Reply to this post

When I was carrying that many lines the number one thing that got me to move a line to the "top of the sales book" was an in person visit and traveling day(s) with the National Sales Manager. This works on lots of levels - the rep better get a clue about your line before you show up, better get some appointments scheduled ahead of time and gets to feature your product first on the appointment. It may turn out that no other lines get discussed at some of your meetings. For the customer/prospect there is a level of acknowledgment of their business when the "Factory Guy" shows up. Sometimes that extra bit moves an order to the front of the line because you are there. It is also a great time to develop your relationship with your reps while in the car or having a meal. The rep gets to know you, your style and your company at a better level. The more connected you are to the reps and the reps are to you - the higher up the book you will be. This is extra important if this is a new category or product line for the rep. They may have a great customer list but are not fully comfortable presenting it. After 2 - 3 days with you in the car they will be experts and selling more of your product. So "manage" your national sales force, NATIONALLY. Not from your desk.


Finding Sales Talent Posted 8:57 AM on 03/13/09 - 

I have made the decision to grow our ten year old business by hiring commission sales reps who can manage B2B sales that begin by targeting the executive level. We're headquartered in Charlotte, NC. Through networking, I have found talent in other cities but I haven't been able to connect in Charlotte. What's the best way to reach out and find people? I know they're out there and hate I missed last week's seminar in Charlotte. Any thoughts?

John Blair

Where to find local talent Posted 2:38 PM on 03/24/09 - Reply to this post It works great!

M. Roy Jones

make da money Posted 9:43 AM on 03/28/09 - Reply to this post

Bring in talent from other locations, possible partial investment in relocation and proof of available business might help get some people in. The object is to attract a sales force, drive sales, and invest little in the process. My oppinion is that commisions are a reward and base salary should be used to judge ones place in the sales process. The better the salesman the better the base. Higher base would suggest higher sales leading to a larger commission check


restart sales career Posted 7:45 PM on 03/10/09 - 

I am just getting started back in sales again after being out for the last 7 Years. We just moved to a new city. I had everything that can go wrong go wrong all at the same time. I got depressed and now taking anti-depressants. My attitude is not positive now. When I was selling in the past I was a super star and earned over 200,000. All my apartment buildings got foreclosed and my income went away. I need to start up strong again. What do you recommend? How do I get my winning attitude back?. I am listening to Jeffrey's CDs and know what to do, my moods and attitudes I have not been able to start and stay consistent.


Restart Sales Career Posted 11:02 AM on 03/17/09 - Reply to this post

Volunteer. Help someone else less fortunate than yourself, yes they are out there. By giving of yourself to help another without expectation of receiving anything in return or in the form of compensation it will get you back on track towards an improved attitude. Nothing helps raise the spirit more than helping another.


sales help Posted 11:39 AM on 03/17/09 - Reply to this post

Dear George,if I may make some suggestions to you. Focus on what is going right in life and in business. Let other people talk positive to you through cd's. Do what needs to be done NOW not later. Have an attitude of gratitude. This is the best country in the world to live where a person can achieve as much as they want.

Chris McNamara

Getting Motivated Posted 11:54 AM on 03/17/09 - Reply to this post

There's a great CD from Matthew Ferry that puts everything in perspective, if you google him. And stick with it. You're going to want to cram every bit of advice down the giver's throat at this point, but you're going to need to master the 5 second funeral. Realize that the part of the woeful beaten salesman has been taken, and you need to find your own role. Exercise early in the morning. Serious exercise. The best drug out there are endorphins, and they're free, and they make you feel great, you can achieve anything.

Tom McCulloch

restart sales career Posted 6:12 PM on 04/07/09 - Reply to this post

George you need to look to your future and forget the past. Your attitude and mood is controlled by one person you and how you react. I like Tony Robbins stuff and have Wayne Dyers and Jim Rohns too suround your self with positive people and visualise what it would be like to be in a winning place. It has worked for me and now I am flying hope you can too. Its a great one life live it. Kind regards Tom


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