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selling to arabs in the middle east Posted 9:03 AM on 03/10/09 - Reply to this post

it may be that because you're not arab they don't trust you. you may want to bring along someone of arab descent to do the actual close, or at least to have them do some of the presentation and/or dialogue with prospects. it's like going to harlem, if you're a white guy selling stuff, your odds aren't real strong, you'd need someone from there as a partner to work with.

T. Guy

value based questions? Posted 8:27 AM on 02/25/09 - 

What are some good questions to ask prospects to engage them in a "Value Based" conversation about what they expect in a supplier, questions that keep the "Price" conversation at bay??


Value Based Questions Posted 9:51 AM on 03/12/09 - Reply to this post

Here are a couple of thoughts for you.... -Ask your prospect to talk about what having a top-notch supplier means to his/her business. What are the ramifications to the prospects' business if the supplier doesn't keep up their end of the deal? How much money/business would the prospect lose if the supplier failed to do their job on any level? Essentially, what is a mistake worth? -Ask them to talk about their current supplier. Likes and dislikes? If they had a wish list for the 'perfect' supplier, what items would be on that list? -Get the prospect talking about the future, goals and growth. Above all, make sure that your questions are open-ended, not 'yes' and 'no' type questions. You should be able to derive more specific questions from the conversation that you have. Good luck! :)


20 Minutes to Sell Posted 5:42 PM on 02/09/09 - 

My first foray into an ECRM show with 20 minutes to sell/promote products. We are a manufacturer of baking and specialty food products since 1908, but our sales and marketing efforts have been weak to non-existent over the past year. The show aligns and makes appointment with buyers from around the country, and brings them to our private room. We have 20 minutes for each appointment, meeting nearly 50 buyers over a four day period. Any advice besides the usual Gitomer Greats for a venue such as this?


Commercial Real Estate Posted 9:45 AM on 02/03/09 - 

Hi All, Jim here. I had my own printing business for 25 years and sold it about 5 years ago. I have tried a number of things in the last few years trying to find what I want to do. I have been involved in real estate, buying and selling about 30 of my own homes in the last 20 years, so I decided to get my Real Estate License and do some Commercial Real Estate. So here I am starting a new career at age 61. I want to get this career on the fast track. Any suggestions as to where I can get good courses on commercial real estate. Fresh marketing ideas would be great too. Thanks

Scott Naugle

Commercial Real Estate Posted 4:29 PM on 02/12/09 - Reply to this post

Hi Jim, Congrats on your new career! Commercial real estate is like any other sales endeavor. It takes market knowledge and excellent communication skills as well as a commitment to learning the business. No doubt you have an excellent start based on owning your own business for 25 years. Buying and selling residential real estate is vastly different from commercial real estate. A good place to start your knowledge base is by taking courses through the Certified Commercial Investment Institute. The institute provides courses taught by leading practitioners in the industry. Visit: for more information. You will also want to affiliate with a successful brokerage where you will have the opportunity to learn the business from seasoned professionals. Good luck!


Commercial Real Estate Posted 10:18 AM on 02/24/09 - Reply to this post

Jim, don't underestimate what you did for 25 years as an entrepreneur owning a printing business. Service, service and more service is key in this environment. As YOU interview potential broerage house, make sure you know what they will do to assist you get on the "fast track". Know your market to learn where the opportunity lies. Fresh marketing ideas? Communicate with your clients, deliver what you say. Don't over promise. Remember, this is your business, just like the the printing business and the houses.


sales info Posted 7:55 PM on 06/04/09 - Reply to this post

Hi Jim Buy as many of Jeffrey's books either used or new, he has soooooooooo much info you might get indigestion... By the way, if things are pretty slow take a look at my opportunity, it has a lot less competition than real estate... send e-mail to


creating project folders Posted 9:21 AM on 01/27/09 - 

I am just beginning to read the revised Sales Bible - while reading through this and other books by Jeff, I read something on creating Project or Customer files to track status and projects etc... I thought it was in the Bible although I have not yet seen it. I was trying to find a reference to it at this site, and thought reading some forum entries may lead me to the info I was looking for... and thoughts?


Project Folders Posted 11:52 AM on 01/27/09 - Reply to this post

If you have the current Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, there is a Business Contact Manager tool with in the system that will enable you do develop an account, insert a project, link all transactions and data to the project and even set milestones. As a project specialist, I use this to start from the account basis, then I develop a unique project at that account and link all transactions, files, emails and notes to the project folder. It all stays with in Outlook. If you do not have this software, there was an upgrade version you can ride on the 2003 Outlook but it may be worth the expense to upgrade. This system even allow you to go into the project and email from there so it is all linked internally. I also use this for my reporting to show my pipelines and update project status with reasons for win or loss. good luck


Project Folders Posted 11:53 AM on 03/06/09 - Reply to this post

Good morning, I've try to find your tool and was unlucky. can you let us know where exactly it is in Outlook?


Outlook CRM Posted 6:23 AM on 03/10/09 - Reply to this post

Not all versions of Outlook come with the Business Contact Manager software. It is either bundled with the software at the beginning (higher versions of Office) or can be purchased from Microsoft separately. Take a look at:


Breaking the ice Posted 9:10 AM on 01/21/09 - 

Hi, I joined a Latin American branch of an American company a couple of years ago, and became familiar with your teaching starting the first day. After a while, I became a very important player within the region and all this time I thought I was a good salesman, the thing is, I'm very good doing presentations, building up trust with the customer and delivering exactly what they need. I was used to team up with the senior salesmen in the branch, which did lack the knowledge of the specific service and products I became so successful with, and the results were just amazing, they told me I am a good listener and speaker. Their role was just getting me a presentation meeting with key people within the companies (production and plant managers in general). Anyway, I left the company a couple of months ago to start my own one, and I came to realize that I do suck as a Salesman, why? you might wonder after the results I had before, well, I do suck at breaking the ice, I become all nervous when cold-calling someone, most of the time I'm not even able to get through the secretary. I feel like those singers, that even though they're awesome, they still fear the crowd and suffer what they call "scenic panic". It's like I have a hand-size diamond that I can't sale just because I'm not able to wipe the dust out of it to make it shine... what can I do? is something in my genes? should I hire some salesmen to team up with? which sole responsibility shall be breaking the ice and get me meetings to present my product. Really, I do really need your advice. Andres.


Breaking the Ice Posted 4:55 PM on 01/21/09 - Reply to this post

Hey Anders. My salesjob is the exact oppsoite of yours. I am the one breaking the ice and letting the more knowledgeable doing the closing in presentations, while I am learning and becoming an expert at that. For breaking the ice, it's all about opening up to people. Try to find something in common with the person. Some research on the person is always great. Once you find out someting about them you can bring it up in convercasion. They will take notice that you have taken the time to research and reveal a lot more information then you would ever expect. If you read Jeffreys book, the Make Em Laugh chapter is vital. If you can get someone to laugh over the phone you have opened them up. Try to keep them on the phone by asking engaging questions. Try different methods, I have had people hang up on me. But if you don't try it you will not know. What's the worst thing that happens the realtionship remains status quo (which wasn't much) or it improves tremendously. Also try favors for people. I use to charge people to attend our workshops and didnt get great responses. Once I made it free I had them calling me back asking if their friends could attend as well. A short term loss in price will always pay off in the long run if they are happy.


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