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Lex and the City

Lessons from the Lord of the Ring Posted 4:49 PM on 01/20/09 - 

Just would like to tell you I have learned a lot from this week's newsletter. And it was good fun reading. Thank you so much. Bye from crazy Amsterdam


Publicity Posted 9:32 AM on 01/20/09 - 

Hey Jeffrey, I'm no genius, but I got my website in your Sales Bible in the endorsements section at the beginning years ago. And, you still rock! Chris


email Prospecting Posted 1:36 PM on 01/19/09 - 

Has anyone successfully used email as a sales prospecting tool? I just read an article about using email as a prospecting tool. I am curious to see if anyone has had experience with this. I am aware of the Can Spam Act. If I did it it would be a short email that would be individually addressed to each person. I would have my contact information and have a line asking them to reply if they didn't wish to receive any further communication. FYI, I am an independent property and casualty insurance agent that is looking for ways to grow my business without cold calling. Thanks for your help.


Email Prospecting Posted 1:12 PM on 01/27/09 - Reply to this post

Use email prospecting only when time and volume are in question or when all other aveneues have failed. Remember that email can never substitute the value to face-to-face selling.....


Prospecting vs. Selling Posted 12:41 AM on 02/25/09 - Reply to this post

Prospecting is not the same as Selling. Email prospecting especially when automated and executed correctly is an excellent way to leverage your assets.


returned calls/commitment Posted 5:44 PM on 01/13/09 - 

I just started a job with a company that specializes in making equipment for the orthotics and prosthetics industry. My boss is hardly around and has left everything up to me. I have no prior experience in this industry or anything like it. My job is to create a list of prospects, cold call them and get them to attend our workshops so they can see how our products work, use it themselves and ask as many q's as possbile. Then it will lead to sales and alife long relationship. The equipment is high end and extremly expensive, but the value can seen in the product if they give me enough time to explain. I know I need to a better job of engaging them. My biggest challenges have been getting a hold of people. I know who the right people in the company are that make decisions. They are generally busy during business hours with their patients. I don't want to be to invasive, but still need to create the sense of urgency for them to get back to me. I phone daily 2-3 times per day for about 2 months straight and some never call back. Some of them do call back and some I get right there on the phone. The ones I have spoken to seem somewhat interested but can never fully commit, always excuses about financial problems, to small a business, dont care about the futures technology or to busy. I have read Jeffreys 12.5 principles for sales greatness and have already started applying some of the techniques which have helped in the past week. Is there anyone out there who had similiar experiences in the sales world? If so please enlighten me or give some tips as to how to leave more creative messages to get people to call back or get more firm commmitments to show up. I know I need to improve myself in my technique, because its quite obvious my results are not good enough. Thanks a lot Chad

The Motivator

Working on Prospects Posted 6:00 AM on 01/23/09 - Reply to this post

Chad, It seems you are expecting alot from a phone call without having a baseline relationship. I have to call on prospective clients all the time who already have relationships with someone other than me and not much incentive to change "suppliers". A strategy I use is dimensional/direct mail pieces to a targeted list. Suggestion: Get your list together of your hot prospects. Nothing wrong with knocking on their doors and leaving your information but come up with a creative intro and include something lumpy in the envelope...perhaps a pen with the prospects name engraved on it. Be sure to take your outgoing mail to the post office to assure you put adequate postage and that the item can successfully navigate the USPS system. Call you contact 3-4 days after you mail the item. You will be more memorable when you get them on the phone. If you still get "rejected" or put off, don't give up. Send a note acknowledging your conversation if you do get them on the phone. Schedule a reminder for a few weeks out and send them something else in the mail that is thoughtful/creative/helpful...not always trying to solicit their business...perhaps an article from your industry. Keep knocking and good luck


Sell Value - Get Creative! Posted 6:08 AM on 02/10/09 - Reply to this post

Chad, I hope you are not calling the same person 2-3 times daily for a week, let alone a month, as you want to be perceived as professional, and not a nuisance. Try to use the call to set a face to face appointment, not actually sell your product. Make your voicemail messages interesting and positive- even humorous. I generally call once or maybe twice a week for about 3-5 calls total and then look for an alternative way to reach them; email or handwritten notecard saying you are trying to reach them, info packet like someone mentioned before, stop in visit saying you would like to set up time to speak with them and have been unable to reach them by phone, get creative! Then, set an appt to speak with them about what you have to offer and use that time to build a relationship - give them a personal incentive to want to do business with you. Work out non-confrontational replies to their objections ahead of time and really focus on presenting why you and your company and product are of VALUE to them. You are not really ever selling a product, you are selling value. Hope this helps!


Everyone Sales Value, Don't be like everyone Else! Posted 10:53 AM on 02/24/09 - Reply to this post

Susan, isn't calling someone even 3 to 5 times showing "neediness", if not being nuisance? Cards and creative voice mails are more of the same. If the prospect is not replying should Chad just move on to a better qualified prospect? His time may be better spent making more calls or knocking on doors. Prospecting!! I agree that Chad needs to be creative. Face to face is key, but not to talk about how great his company and product are. Try make the call at a different time early inthe moring or later in the day?? I'm saying that if Chad can connect with the prospect's assistant for how and when to best connect to prospect. Just show up at the office to introduce himself. Prospect may still say "get lost". Which is stil an opportunity ("sure I'll hang up/leave and will never bother you again, but before I do... ) for a "30 sec commercial" and ask for a referral to someone else that might NEED that Chad is selling. We know that most mailed info packets end up in the circular file. Don't just give away information Chad to this or anyother prospects. Don't be an unpaid consultant. You do the interviewing, find out what they NEED, and proceed/present accordingly. Selling VALUE makes you like everyone else. You become a commodity. You set yourself up to get beatup on price. Chad, have fun!! But don't be just like everyone else!!


I help you. Posted 11:29 PM on 02/25/09 - Reply to this post

What you can do is learn hypnosis and mind control. Then you can get anyone to buy.

Tee Kay

returned calls/commitment Posted 10:49 AM on 02/27/09 - Reply to this post

Chad, if you are calling a doctor's office, make a connection with the Office Manager. They can best tell you a time to call or schedule you in for a meeting with the doctor. If you don't already know what prosthetic supplier they are using, ask the OM so you don't waste the Dr time and give give the best presentation of your line. If there are a group of Drs take a lesson from the Pharm reps, host a lunch at the office or host a dinner offsite and invite all your prospects in the area.


Pipeline - How big should it be? Posted 12:45 PM on 01/05/09 - 

How many prospects can one sales person effictively manage?

Paul McDonald

"It Depends" Posted 4:58 PM on 01/15/09 - Reply to this post

That depends on a lot of things. If you are selling grapefruit out of your grocery store, you can handle quite a few customers. If you are selling cheeseburgers out of your restaurant, you can handle quite a few. If you are selling real estate, you can handle a little fewer. If you are selling solid rocket boosters to space programs (NASA) probably only one customer. It depends on your product, sales cycle, buying cycle, etc.

Derek O'Dwyer ActionCOACH

re:Pipeline - How big should it be? Posted 3:13 PM on 03/03/09 - Reply to this post

Nick, it depends on how much you want to earn, what sales success target you have, what you average value of sale is and your conversion rate. I.E if your target is 1000000 and your average sale is 10000 then you need to close 100 Sales in the year to hit your target. If you conversion rate is 25%, then you need to meet 400 probable purchasers in the year. If you feel this is too many, then improve your conversion rate and improve the average value of transaction. Hope this helps


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