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Cold Calls Posted 2:49 PM on 01/02/09 - 

How do I find the right person I need to talk to within the company. I have talked to several people within the company and neither one was the right person. I know they have guest coming in town and stay at hotels but not ours


face to face Posted 7:57 PM on 01/07/09 - Reply to this post

Maybe stop calling people and visit in person, that way they feel obligated to get you in contact with the right person since you went out of your way to go to them.

James D Mitchell

Cold Calls for Shirley Posted 8:30 AM on 01/13/09 - Reply to this post

Start at the top. Go directly to the owner or CEO. If it's a huge global company, ask for the manager of that branch, or the VP of the department you're anticipating coming to your location. When you get them on the phone, make sure you offer value. Don't just say "our room is cheaper", let them know you understand why they are coming to town, let them know you'll anticipate their needs and will make sure that all their people will have everything they need to make the trip a success. Chances are, they're not going to the least expensive hotel in town, so don't bring up price unless they ask. Let them know you researched their company (obviously you have if you know they are coming to town), and that you can better serve their needs. Make sure that you start up as high as possible, they will work you down to the right person, or you may even get the direct sale to them and they go to the "right" person and tell them "this is what we're doing."


Hotel Sales Posted 7:52 PM on 01/27/09 - Reply to this post

Hi Shirley, I, too, work at a hotel in the business travel region, and have this issue. For me, simply chatting with the receptionist has worked. Alot of times, they have full knowledge of the organization. Also, have you tried using the NBTA book? They have a list of many, many procurement managers at the major companies within the US. If you want to chat more off line, let me know. It is always great to connect with other hoteliers interested in improving their sales game! Erin


cold Call contact. Posted 9:49 AM on 01/28/09 - Reply to this post

Find a way to help the people you are talking to, and they will help you. Stop talking to them about who the right contact is and start listening to them tell you all about their job and what they do, they will lead you to the right person eventually.


Put on the tenacity of Lt. Columbo Posted 8:59 AM on 01/29/09 - Reply to this post

Don't forget the Internet - Do a Google search on the company or visit their "Contact Us" web page. It will often list the names and titles of key people in the organization. If you don't see exactly who you're looking for, copy the name of the CEO and paste it in You can find a lot of info about their contacts, co-workers, etc. there, including the names and titles of others in the company. If you don't see who you're looking for, call one of the people you do see, introduce yourself, explain the purpose of your call, and ask them for the name of the person who handles their travel arrangements.


Cold Calls Posted 11:10 AM on 02/24/09 - Reply to this post

Shirley, James M is on the right track, start at the top. But, don't go into a sales pitch too soon. Make sure that you learn as much as possible about that they want, whats important to them. Price may be a non-issue! Then you know what to discuss... Good luck!

Rod P

Cold Call contact Posted 11:57 PM on 10/06/09 - Reply to this post

Alan is corrrect and heading you in the right direction. I just read a little book endorsed by Jeffrey titled "For Free and For Fun" by Chris Morrisette. It goes into detail about how to cold call, recruit 'gatekeepers' to be your ally, and set your appointments with the decision maker. Google it, check it out on Ebay or whatever, this book is a MUST READ for anyone that wishes greater success in their sales career.


GateKeeper Blues Posted 12:59 PM on 01/02/09 - 

I am not new to sales. I am not new to Cold Calling. In fact in the past I have been quite successful with it. BUT there is now an issue. Prior occupations have always had a target market, IE Building Trades, Transportation, Sporting Goods ETC. In my newest venture, selling computer services [specifically a Data Backup Service] I am contacting people from all industries. In the past I was always able to find a common product oriented ground on which to initiate a conversation with he gatekeeper and threw them move on. Here it is different. The gate keeper is often NOT A GATE KEEPER but rather just whoever is free to get the phone. And they all erroneously assume it is in the companies best interest to blow me off. It may take 5-6 calls before I can speak to someone who is actually concerned enough to say - you need to speak with --. I often find myself wanting to say " We both know that you are NOT the person who has the authority to listen to me much less the right to tell me to go away" but I cant to that - right? If I happen to make a call that actually consists of a true paid to receptionist I am actually grateful as they know their place. Them I can get past almost 80% of the time in the first three minutes. I am frustrated by the depth of stupidity of some of these people. I have actually tried to simplify my opening question to some variant of "Who at you company is in charge of the computers" And still I get What do you mean? So Jeffrey [and anyone else that could offer sound advice] if you read this forum sometime and care to sprinkle a few seeds of success I could use a new direction here. thanks so much for all your help- Eds

Mark Dembo

GateKeeper Blues Posted 10:37 PM on 01/05/09 - Reply to this post

Hi EDS, The first thing I might suggest is that you narrow your field - determine what your ideal customer profile looks like; this could be by industry, geogrpahy, company size, etc.... It's great to have a wide open field, but that can also lead to an approach where you're throwing lots of darts but have no idea where the bullseye is. So, I would start there. Next, I would recommend that you shift how you are thinking about "gatekeepers" - rather than someone to "get through" or "get around" - look at them as potential sources of information; people that can help you identify pain points you can sell to. For example - if you get someone on the phone, say something like "Hey, I'm trying to find out if it makes sense for me to have a converstaion with your company about how we help other companies like you secure one of their most important assests - their computer data. Have you ever had problems losing data because your computer crashed and burned? Or lost lots of time trying to get a hard disk repaired? Then - let them tell you about their computer horror stories... Then come back with - "Well, we help companies just like you secure that data and make sure that these things don't happen.... Like I said, I don't know if we can help or not, but I'm just trying to find out if there's a potential for dicsussion about this. Who would you recommend I talk to? I have always found that if I can use any interaction I have - whether it's a decision-maker, a "gatekeeper", the janitor - I can find some helpful information that will either help me: a) advance the sale or b) disqualify a prospect and let me move on to the next one. Hope that helps provide some idea.


GateKeeper Blues Posted 10:15 AM on 01/07/09 - Reply to this post

Mark, All good points. Except as I stated there is no "Industry" to narrow by. The company supplies a list of phone#'s from the call list they own. That is all. No more info!!!!! And they require I use it_______! Secondly the approach you suggested is very close to what i am now using. I can get by 90+% of the gate keepers. The issue i am having is that often the person on the phone is a RANDOM employee, not a receptionist, secretary or "Gate Keeper". More often than not it is a 3 second process, they realize I can not add $ to their take home and rather than spend the effort to think and forward me to someone that can help they hang up or blow me off. Last week I called this one company seven time in a row [45 minutes!] and spoke with six people who tried to blow me off or referred me to another person who tried to blow me off. The last person who answered the phone [finally] was the receptionist...she had been on other calls so it forwarded to ????. I got the right contact and have an appointment to see him tomorrow. There has just got to be a better way than to call over and over and over to these people.......


Gatekeeper Blues Posted 12:01 PM on 01/27/09 - Reply to this post

Eds, I don't know what information is in the "list" you mention but if there is a company name, can you Google them, find a name of someone with in the company like HR or some other department. Maybe you can call them and do an "end around". Another thing I have done is to take the company name and go to other clients to say, "Hey, insert friend or client's name, do you know anyone at this place I can contact to help them as I have helped you?" I agree, working from phone lists can stink and getting buy in from a temp is hard. I wish you luck.


GateKeeper Blues, start at the top!! Posted 11:04 AM on 02/24/09 - Reply to this post

EDS, My suggestion is that you start at the top of the company you are calling. Even if you do not have a name, ask for the president/ceo's assiatant. Be up front, let them know why you are calling and who should you speak with. When you get the name, use the president/ceo's name as the person that said they should speak with you. Then, make the appointment! Sounds like you have no issue making the calls. And you certainly deserve to speak the appropriate person.


GateKeepers Blues Posted 2:54 PM on 06/22/09 - Reply to this post

Maybe when someone like that picks up, be honest that you are not sure whom you should be speaking with and then ask to speak with the receptionist as you seem to be able to nail down the appointment if you get to her/him...(ask to be put on hold for her/him for when they get off the phone and become available..or even just ask for the receptionists name so that you can call back and ask for them a few minutes later). Otherwise, using networking sites like and search for the company and searching through the names/titles until you find one that you think can help you out. Then call back up and ask for them.


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