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Client Service Posted 8:27 AM on 02/03/13 - Reply to this post

You've got a perfect in. Approach the conversation that you would like to understand more about them to help serve them better. "Hi, I've recently begun servicing your account and would like to learn more about you so I can serve you better." Make sure this approach comes through both in word and deed. By this I mean genuinely go into the conversation wanting to hear more about their needs rather than talking about your products (that comes later). Once you know their needs it will be much easier (and they will be more receptive) when you match up the right solutions for them. I recently began a similar program with our clients (they only came to us when they needed something and weren't accustomed to us proactively reaching out to them). It has paid great dividends.


Commission/No Commission Posted 12:27 PM on 01/15/13 - 

I work in a showroom with 3 other sales professionals, we are assisting clients with everything from window coverings, to custom showers, to carpet (interior designers). We all have a design degree, and we work soooo well with a little boost (I'll call it incentive). We are all hourly, with NO COMMISSION. We've recently talked to other stores throughout the country and they are ALL either base-pay + commission or 100% commission. How do you suggest to the owner of a small local company that he might get more productivity/ownership/upselling....IF we had an incentive???? (note: over 15 years ago, there was commission, and something happened, that he changed back to hourly). We'd rather be designers who take pride in the project for each client, from start to finish...but rather, we don't have the PUSH to go above and beyond...because our paycheck will be the same with a $200 sale or a $20,000 sale. Help us Jeffrey!

Michele Love

Objections Posted 1:57 PM on 01/09/13 - 

I struggle with overcoming objections. Im such a baby to the selling world. When I get the customer that is more Computer literate than I I fold under the intelligence. I'm working on this. Trust me but yet I struggle.

Carlos Zambrano

Answering Them Posted 3:09 AM on 02/12/13 - Reply to this post

Create a list of the objections and think about how to answer them. Eventually you will build your subconscious (and conscious) to answer them. Talk to a coworker and bounce ideas off each other, build that confidence. Hope that helps!

cyndi jamerson

get that sale! Posted 3:43 PM on 05/03/13 - Reply to this post

I would get my boss or someone in the company that know how to sell and has great results to sit down with you to role play and you be the customer. Ask them questions that you have been ask or think you may be asked. This keeps you from feeling like you don't know what your doing in front of your boss or coworker while teaching you the proper responses and body language techniques. I hope this helps.

Older Go-Getter

Competing in 2013 Posted 12:39 AM on 01/09/13 - 

I'm 63. I have more energy and work ethic than most people know what to do with. And yet...and yet...who gets rewarded with promotions, job security, and authority? Employees that can't spell, speak properly, anticipate customers' needs, work hard, and basically give-a-care about their jobs. The ones that keep customers waiting while they whine about relationships or drivel on about coupon deals. My question is: Since I am from an older generation--and obviously, another planet--how do I compete? I know how to market and keep clients. But inexperienced managers don't get it. They don't operate that way. Older customers are frustrated and hate the way they are treated. Don't younger ones feel that way too? Do they reinforce the slacking because they, themselves, also don't care about what they get--out of products, services, and LIFE? What gives? When the customer service answer is, "I have no clue," and that's the end of it--not, I'll try to find out for you--how does one do business?

Tony Delisi

Competing in 2013 Posted 7:40 AM on 02/04/13 - Reply to this post

I am 64 and a salesperson. I suggest you read your post and think. You sound like an old guy complaining about what's wrong with the new generation. To sell, you need to fit in with your team and your customers. You sound bitter and it may be time for you to retire or change jobs.


I CALL BS Posted 12:55 AM on 02/10/13 - Reply to this post

Generational gap?? Doubtful. There are lazy, illiterate, and apathetic people in every generation...even yours! The reality is you are focusing on external factors and making excuses instead of working on you. Respectfully, A YOUNG, HARD WORKING, DEDICATED, GIVE-A-CARE, AND LITERATE SALES PRO..

Competing in 2013

Older Go-Getter Posted 7:16 AM on 03/08/13 - Reply to this post

Excuses don't win championships..

Jared Murray

Salesman the 4 letter word Posted 8:10 PM on 01/02/13 - 

My father just passed and I have inherited his business and sales team. I am a happy Gitomer believer and do my best to follow proven Gitomer sales strategies blended with the Yes Attitude! I have come to find out that my sales team feels dirty when I call them sales people. They believe they are Project Managers and NOT sales people. "Sales People sale buckets of sealer and Project Managers sales a system and we are project Managers" they say. I have come to be proud to be called a sales person. Am I getting hung up on a Word or is there a major sales 4 letter word culture. Most of these employees were not trained by a professional sales person but a previous owner (dads partner) who created his own system he called Project Management. How should I "Sparky" approach this oh master of Sales?

Andrew Novick

Reaching Hiring Managers in Technical Services Posted 7:52 PM on 12/25/12 - 

Hi, I've got a sales problem. I'm an independent software consultant who mostly works for a single company at a time, so I'm not a typical sales man. But I still have to sell. I'm the salesman for my company. If I don't sell me nobody will. I do a lot of the right things. I've got a web site that gives out software and I do technical presentations at technical conferences and user groups. Those outlets reach other technical people not the managers or end users who do the hiring. The best that I can hope for is a referral. I'd like to find a way of reaching the people who hire but can't find one.

Rob Geer

RE: Reaching Hiring Managers in Technical Services Posted 9:54 PM on 01/03/13 - Reply to this post

I am also in sales for technical services. I've had good luck not just doing presentations at conferences and user groups but getting involved in the groups and joining their boards. I volunteer to help set up and run the conferences and end up meeting many that walk through the door. I volunteer to write their newsletter, run their social media sites and run membership drives which puts my name in front of everyone and helps brand me. I also reach out to the hiring managers at that point as a board rep and strike up great conversations. The questions always come up about what I do for a living and it frequently turns into a sales call.


Conferences Posted 8:32 AM on 02/03/13 - Reply to this post

Rob/Andrew, I've got a slightly different problem that maybe you gusy can help with. How do you find and select the conferences and user groups for presenting, volunteering etc.?


E Newsletter Website Posted 9:07 PM on 12/10/12 - 

I'm trying to find the name of a E Newsletter website that Jeffrey suggested. I went and checked it out, liked it,but I guess I didn't bookmark it. Any ideas???


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