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Unique Techniques to move product Posted 4:00 PM on 11/24/08 - Reply to this post

Jimmy, what are you selling specifically? I think I might be able to help you with my background in the automotive industry. If you would like to email me directly at I would be happy to talk with you.

Jim White

Techniques to move product Posted 10:11 AM on 12/23/08 - Reply to this post

Jimmy, I don't believe in buying sales, but people love a little freebie from time to time. I do real estate and a lot of people I call on love a sweet treat. How about taking a few donuts (obviously a morning call) and see what relationships it builds. Donuts are relatively cheap...better yet, make something your self and take to them. I have also done the grocery store for a small coffee cake and coffee. While enjoying a treat , you can get your message in. The pharmaceutical slaes folks have found the way to open the door is buying lunch for the office which allows a small presentation during lunch. Mechanics probably do not have that kind of time.


Interview questions Posted 8:41 PM on 11/20/08 - 

I have been a sales manager for a beauty supply distributor for the last ten years and have relocated to a new state looking for a career in the same industry but as the outside sales consultant. I had an interview with the human resource manager today and got through to the phone interview with the hiring manager tomorrow. My question is what are the type of typical questions hiring managers might ask today. Its been 14 years since I had to apply for a job. Help!!


Interview Questions Posted 11:27 AM on 11/25/08 - Reply to this post

Linda, An interview is really nothing more than a sales call where the product is yourself and your abilities. Just as you would do when preparing to see an executive from a big account, you should get online and research, research, research! Find out everything you can about the company and the person with whom you are interviewing, then sit down and prepare YOUR questions for them.

Michael Epifanio

Interview Questions Posted 5:19 PM on 01/02/09 - Reply to this post

Linda, The most important aspect to the interview is to identify what problem(s) exist and why the position is open. I would ask the hiring manage the following questions: 1.In priority what are the three most important action items you want accomplished in the first 90 Days? Have you hit your sales targets in 08? If no Why? If yes Why and How? How many of your sales team is at or above their quota? (Find out where the holes are in the company- what markets are suffering, how do they plan on growing, do they have a plan of action in place in order to hit their organizational objectives? How long have you been with the company? What keeps you there? What is your management style? Why would an already successful sales person want to work for you? You can go to my websites for free articles that will give you more concrete help in this area. I help people and companies grow their bottom line by matching the right talent with the right job no exceptions!


Insurance Help Posted 12:19 PM on 11/18/08 - 

Hi, I have been in the insurance business for 2 years now. It seems everything that works for this business is costly and I am not being as creative as I should be. I was hoping someone had some great ideas on follow up or cold calling or just reaching out to more qualified prospects without spending a fortune. Please advise. Thanks

Laverne Cohen

Insurance Help Posted 10:49 AM on 11/25/08 - Reply to this post

Hi Adam, I have been an Life/Health insurance agent for six years. Here is one activity that I have found successful. I host a networking event twice a month. I target small business owners with less than 20 employees that I have been in business for less than 6 years. At the event, I keep it very simple. Each business has time to introduce themselves tell the group what is a good lead for them. I have a guest speaker via teleconference to share ideas and methods that has help grow their business, takes about 20 mins. After, the call we do a recap and share methods that have work for us as a group. I encourage each business owner to make time to meet with each before the next meeting to learn more about each other. Then I call each business owner and set an appointment. I tell the business owner that I want to learn more about their business so that I can be a better referral partner. Also tell them that I will tell them about what I do. When I meet with business owner they get to speak first. They tell me all about their business. I have a notebook and I record all the information because I want to be a good referral partner. After the business owner, then I tell them about my services and how it can be a benefit for them. This one marketing tool has added to my business in two ways new referral partners and new business. Here is the break down of the cost. The community room at my local credit union is free and they provide the coffee. It is very easy to find free meetings with coffee because the business appreciates the foot traffic. Also,it means new leads/referral partners for the business as well. I created flyers to use as an invitation to give to each person I invite ($5 for 100). Their is no cost to the business owner to attend the event but it is invitation only. I meet business owners at other networking events, ribbon cuttings and cold calling, etc. It is all about meeting new people and get them to help each other. I hope this will help.


Why no growth? Posted 6:08 PM on 11/17/08 - 

I have recently taken a new job as a sales manager. I am managing the force for a machinery company selling capital processing equipment. After pouring over some stats today, I realize that our quote volume has increased approx 10% per year for the past 4 years but our sales volume is absolutely flat. For the first 3 years, we had 3 sales folks who are seasoned (8+ yrs with company in sales). This year we added an additional green sales person. I'm all for allowing this newbie enough time to bring his quote-close percentage up to the others, but I'm a little confused why we have had ZERO growth even prior to his/her arrival. Any ideas on where to look?


Lack of growth Posted 9:20 AM on 12/03/08 - Reply to this post

Scott, we are also in capital equipment sales and have seen huge changes in our market during the last few years. Have you performed a thorough analysis of your market & customer base? Is your total market expanding or contracting? Are the key players consolidating? Is outsourcing overseas an issue? What is your market share relative to your competition? Is price a deciding factor? Why are you not winning bids? Answering these questions will help identify the "why" and allow you to adjust your marketing plan to areas that have opportunities for growth.


Why no growth Posted 9:30 AM on 12/07/08 - Reply to this post

I find when questions like the ones you have we are a little afraid to find out the real reasons to the failures. The best way to find out why call the clients who turned your proposal down and find out why you lost the quote. That is the only way you are going to find out why no growth and why the increase on quotes only. I am betting you will find a problem within the quoting process and building relationship process. You may find it as simple as making phone calls or a simple visit to the prospect confirming the quote information. Finding out exactly what the client needs and furnishing that need. Improve the wording and appearance of the quote. Include the service you provide and include the service after the sale people. Show the client exactly what they receive from you no matter how small the details, if another company is listing the small details and your not you lose. On paper they are receiving more from another company. If it is not on paper they do not receive whatever is not on paper.


Mass mailings Posted 9:54 PM on 11/13/08 - 

I am starting a new roofing company and I am struggling with the thought of hiring a coupon company, or sending out my own post cards. I am wondering if I spend the money to send out a coupon in a multi pack, will that be more effective than sending out a post card? Door knocking has been my only souce of advertising so far, any ideas?


Mailouts Posted 11:11 PM on 11/14/08 - Reply to this post

Try a company called VistaPrint. The postcards are free, you pay the shipping. Just started playing with the site. Mark, Lucan, Ontario


mass mailing Posted 8:17 AM on 11/22/08 - Reply to this post

Try finding other companies that can get involved with your coupon book. I call this side by side marketing. Others give the coupon book to their clients, you share the same client base. Example find an auto mechanic, electrician, plumber, trim carpenter, tile, etc. All passing out the coupon book to their clients who become your clients. This can help grow your companies client base.


mass mailings Posted 2:56 PM on 12/24/08 - Reply to this post

Hey, Scott. I have used MarketSharp with some success in my exterior home improvement co. The website is They sell a direct mail program that is specifically for contractors--and you can manage and print your postcards right at your computer. The postcards are directly aimed at home improvement, which is better than Vista Print. I also use a gift program for customers as a thankyou for buying from me, and also as a thankyou for referrals. Easy to use, cost effective, and works great. Email me (Steve) at and I'll give you the details.


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