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Postcard campaign Posted 11:39 AM on 11/07/08 - 

I'm an independent insurance agent and starting to plan an ad campaign. All of my companies (Travelers, Safeco, Progressive, etc.) are offering me postcards to use. My question is, will it be confusing to the recipients if they get several postcards from me but from different companies? Am I better to just use an outside company and have a single style?


postcard campaign Posted 9:34 AM on 11/08/08 - Reply to this post

The question is....are they buying insurance from the companies you represent? Or are they buying from YOU!!! If you are offering value the answer is you. Sell yourself first. The companies you represent are secondary.


postcard campaign Posted 10:11 PM on 11/12/08 - Reply to this post

Trevor, the post cards should absolutely represent you. They should carry YOUR BRAND as should every touch point your customers have with you.


Co branded Postcards Posted 2:35 PM on 12/03/08 - Reply to this post

Trevor, I am also an independent insurance agent. We have just started a campaign to send out postcards that are co branded. The key to making it work is adding your picture to the card, then not only are you getting free to low cost postcards, but you are also getting your face out there. Good luck I hope it works for you!

Patrick Europe

CRM + google maps Posted 4:59 AM on 11/05/08 - 

Hello, I am European and I accepted a new sales job in the US of A. It s a huge challenge because the country and market is complety new for me. I will become a real sales road worrier, because my potential clients are all over the country. So I was wondering if there exist an effective CRM tool that help me organise and plan my trips. Something like A good CRM tool combined with google maps would be ideal! all suggestions are more then welcome Looking forward hearing reading from you. Kind regards Patrick


ADVERTISING PROBLEMS---NEED HELP Posted 10:43 AM on 11/02/08 - 

My biggest problem is creating affective advertising -- magazine adds, post cards etc. Does anyone have any experience, direction or anything to help me take what is in jeffrey's "bible" and apply them to advertising?


Advertising problems Posted 9:55 AM on 11/06/08 - Reply to this post

When it comes to advertising, hire a professional. You can spend countless dollars with endless frustration trying to find the right "formula" for advertising. A good ad rep or agency can help you find that "one thing" that separates you from your competition and then find the most effective way to get that information to your potential customers.


Competitors Posted 4:11 PM on 10/30/08 - 

I work in the mortgage field. Customers frequently need a pre-approval for financing before a realtor will show them a house. After doing the upfront approval (which includes analyzing their credit,reviewing their assets & verifying their income) for free & offering value & service.They will frequently go elsewhere & shop other lenders for a lower rate. What is the best way to retain them & have them come back after the free upfront service? PS The service has to remain free -- charging a fee is not allowed.


Competitors Posted 9:50 AM on 11/06/08 - Reply to this post

How are you getting the referrals in the first place? And are you servicing the mortgage after the sale? Or does it get sold to a bigger bank? With everything going on in the banking industry, I have found that more people are finding value in their local banks with local service. And from personal experience, I would rather pay a little higher interest rate than have to deal with one of the major banks. I have had nothing but headaches dealing with the place that bought out my mortgage.


Competitors Posted 8:53 PM on 11/07/08 - Reply to this post

I noticed that you are offering "value & service". Question: is the value you offer something that is appealing to you, or to your customer? It might be possible to figure out a service that will not only help your customer get into houses with an agent, but will help them secure the best price and the right of refusal. I'm sure that an upgrade package (possibly for a fee) which includes more detailed information would be beneficial to both your customer and their potential seller- yielding you more business.

Maurice Sanders

Competitors Posted 12:10 PM on 11/18/08 - Reply to this post

I'm a Realtor with Keller Williams Realty...the best thing to do is to show your clients the value you represent. What sets you apart from the competition? If you know the answer -> tell your clients during the initial conversation...if you don't know the answer --> you have to find out and in the meant time ramp up your prospecting


sales verse internet purchasing Posted 8:13 AM on 10/26/08 - 

How do you guide a client towards purchasing your product when they can purchase the same product on line for a substantial savings? Do you have any scripted responses? This situation is purely a price only concern building value, expressing warranties, service and service after the sale has not worked. I need some creative help.

J. Blair

sales vs. internet Posted 5:37 PM on 10/27/08 - Reply to this post

Rich, Have you thought about setting up your own on-line method of selling? You could compete in both worlds then. J. Blair


sales vs internet Posted 7:29 PM on 10/28/08 - Reply to this post

j Blair. Good idea with the exception we are a service company that not only sells the product but installs the product. Selling the product and then running away from the product, on line sales would be great. That is not our company. I need to sell my product, to warranty the product and make the necessary profit. Selling on line, I still need to make the profit. The companies that sell the product on line barely covers my cost of purchasing the product from wholesaler. (lower than home centers)


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