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what's the difference??? Posted 10:22 PM on 11/02/08 - Reply to this post

"we are a service company that not only sells the product but installs the product" Holy Crap!!! There's the difference...


whats the difference Posted 6:14 PM on 11/05/08 - Reply to this post

Trevor. they want us to install the products they can buy at a cheaper rate.Holy crap that is not the answer.I express our warranty on our products,service on our product,value of the product.The value that comes with the installation of our product is the same value on the installation of their product.We are dealing with strickly a price difference usually 2-3 hundred dollar difference for the product to the home owner from us. I am receiving the installation now we are dealing with them using my product instead of purchasing the same product from the home centers.


Online Pricing Posted 9:01 PM on 11/07/08 - Reply to this post

I deal with the same issue in my business. My suggestion is to use this: "I realize that you can buy the same items online for less money. Their business is buying items in bulk and selling them as bare bones as possible. Usually, that means they cut corners on areas like customer service. What is their policy on returns for damage? Do you have to pay the extra shipping? My cost to you includes both shipping to your home (and with an installed product, you actually hand-deliver) and my warranty, both on product AND installation. What does their cost cover? Usually just the product. Now, figure in the cost, plus shipping, plus returns, plus headache. Where do you stand now? Even? Close to even?" If they still want to buy online, I usually will still say that I will install the product, but with one difference: I usually build my installation charge in with the item I am installing. When I install something I didn't buy, I charge by the hour. Usually, I make 25-50% more for the labor when I charge by the hour. I will also nickel-and-dime people for services and small costs that I normally include into my overall cost. Come up with a system and see if it works. Worst case scenario- offer to be a consultant while they install the product themselves. You may find that an hours worth of work as a consultant will yield in a small fee that would have normally been left on the table. Those people, when they screw up the install and are dissatisfied with the result (which in my field is greater than 50%) will usually call you to fix the problem, and pay you again. :)


internet Posted 9:38 AM on 11/08/08 - Reply to this post

Josh, good answers, I have used the same suggestions to the what ifs. What if it comes to you damaged, what if it is the wrong color. The reply comes back what if everything is perfect? The same what ifs are throw right back at you. The what ifs work great for home center purchases. This dollar difference is minimal. Usually the dollar difference on line can be anywhere from 200-300 dollar difference. I am looking for something more concrete then what ifs. The what if works for a small percentage of people. I am looking to increase the small percentage. I do like the consulting which works with existing clients. I would tend to think most would give another company a try. I would rather collect and do the installation than allow competition, into the home.


Reverse Commercial Posted 4:48 PM on 10/25/08 - 

In a direct sales cosmetics industry, how would you use a reverse commercial to your advantage? What types of questions would you suggest?

Javier Avellan

Door to Door sales Posted 5:15 PM on 10/13/08 - 

Do any of you have suggestions of sites and books on implementing a natiowide sales force? Specifically, door to door sales. Javier Avellan


What now? Posted 12:29 PM on 10/07/08 - 

I work in a company that has a group of 4 people that I got along with great at first. I communicate everything I do with my boss and make notes on my weekly activities and give them to him at the end of the day on Friday. Now the 4 people that have been there (in store) longest and gotten rid of the last 2 people in my position are trying to target me but my boss says it is the Machismo that I am lacking to get along with them as they have been here longer. We got along great at first so why the change now? They are childish and go into the warehouse and say things about me (have caught them) and leave little pictures of past people in my position on my computer monitor, and mess with things on my desk. I am about to lose my temper but do not want to show them they get to me. What should I do?


RE: What now? Posted 5:35 PM on 10/13/08 - Reply to this post

Hi SP, If your boss allows this type of behavior to go on in the company thats a shame. It's kind of hard to tell what type of setting you are in but I would just play along. Hang up the pictures or anything they leave at your desk or computer. Mock them in a different way. Laugh at it. C'mon don't let them get the best of you no matter what. Keep yourself busy so that you don't have to worry about what other people are doing, its not your job. Just do your best! Work Hard and Make money!


RE:What now? Posted 9:04 PM on 10/21/08 - Reply to this post

SP, Its been my experience in the past in a store setting of Sales People that they don't like the Competition. It seems that everything is alright at the start because there is no threat posted. However, if the "new guy" is trying to hard its kinda looked down on with the veterans. I would say they feel threatened in some sort of way from you, I would get it out on the floor because these same people will try to snake any deals they can. Nip it in the butt as they say. Otherwise you will be finding orders they have written for your customers and not giving you the proper credit (that is how its been for me in the past, I don't know how your store tracks customers) Here is another way to put it: If you were new at a factory that made widgets and the factory was averaging 9 widgets an hour. In your first week you averaged 10 widgets an hour, it would be easier to knock your widgets/hour down then raise the whole factory widget/hour average.


What now? Posted 8:06 AM on 10/26/08 - Reply to this post

I have a different take on the situation. You may need to take your personality down a notch. Everyone is out to get me paranoia has to stop.You are allowing your fellow co- workers to take you down both mentally and professionally. You are allowing their behavior to affect you and perhaps what your manager has told you is true. You may have a cocky sense about you around the others,this is sometimes difficult for yourself to see or understand as you operate the same way regardless of your surroundings. It is a communication breakdown between yourself and your co-workers. An aspect of sales that you need to do better. Do not stop what you do with your sales process. Use your sales process with your co-workers to find out what you can do better around them. I had this problem with a couple of co-workers. What I found out from them, when I give them information, I was to blunt.It is never what is said but how it is said and how it comes across. Rephrase what you say, become more of a teacher in expressing what you want to say. I understand we should not have to dance on glass around co-workers, but it is a necessary evil.


Use this Question Posted 9:07 AM on 10/28/08 - Reply to this post

When professional adults are behaving poorly the worst thing to do is to ignore it, or mock them, or tattle. The best solution that has worked for me 100% of the time is to genuinely decide you want a healthy relationship with them. Approach the most difficult person and ask if you can speak to them alone. Then when you bring them in ask them humbly without attitude "I was just wondering if I have done something to offend you?" This question does two things. First, it brings to the forefront in a respectful way that there is a situation. Second, it makes them feel uncomfortable. When people are confronted in a respectful way they are less likely to continue. If they say "No, there's no problem." Then say "Well, I'm glad to hear it. My concern is that I've been picking up on some tension and I just want you to know that my goal is to have a positive work environment. If I've done anything to upset you I want you to know that it was never my intention." Repeat this with each person on the team and ensure you express that you genuinely want a good working relationship. If they do the behavior again pull them aside (again in private) and ask again. Explain, that you thought after the conversation previously that you both had cleared the air. Tell them the last thing you want to do is to frustrate them. When people are held accountable in a respectful way it is amazing how they change. The flip side of this is that you may have unintentionally done something to offend them. If that's the case and they TELL you then your job is to apologize - not defend yourself. Even if they are being children you can explain that you never intended to upset them and then ask them what would make the situation better. I've used this over and over and given this advice to numerous people. If done correctly the success rate is 100%.


Machismo! Posted 9:06 PM on 11/07/08 - Reply to this post

Great ideas. I would do this: beat them at their own game by becoming better than them at their position. Do things to improve the company and change the culture. Your boss will find that type of Machismo much more effective than the 6th grade crap his older employees are used to pulling. Once you beat them (in sales or whatever you do), put up a board with your picture at the top. Write "employee of the month" above your photo. Leave blanks for every other month. Write at the bottom: "Any one up to the challenge?" and see what happens. Try that for Machismo!

Maurice Sanders

What now? Posted 12:16 PM on 11/18/08 - Reply to this post

Keep doing what you're doing only BETTER...they are jealous...I made the mistake of letting people like that get to me in the past and affect my performance...nothing makes people angrier then when someone is different....success is a crazy'll make you some friends and many enemies....come to terms with that and be the best you can won't even know these people in 5 years


What now? Posted 3:42 PM on 11/18/08 - Reply to this post

YOUR boss is there to support you. If HE/SHE is undermining your ability to "manage" then you need to talk to him. It should be his responsibility to address the issue. You flying off the handle will only fuel the fire.


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