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BryanRE:What now? Posted 5:00 PM on 07/15/09 - Reply to this post

Bryan wrote: "it would be easier to knock your widgets/hour down then raise the whole factory widget/hour average" That is the WORST way to get ahead I've ever heard. At the risk of insulting factory workers, if you're mindset is factory line you will never leave the factory line. I do agree that you should nip it - although it is "Nip it in the BUD" not "butt". That type of behavior has got to stop period. If your store does not use surveillance cameras get your own. If your manager puts up with that crap he should be fired along with the perpetraitors. There is no excuse for employees bringing down the company - PERIOD!

Kirsten Ujvari

Personal Commercial Posted 4:46 AM on 10/07/08 - 

After reading Jeffreys Black Book I want to learn more about personal commercials (or the Elevator Pitch). Has anyone good literature about this subject?


Personal commercial Posted 5:02 PM on 10/21/08 - Reply to this post

here is a great forum post about the value of the elevator pitch from another sales site you may find usefull:

Chris O'Leary

Elevator Pitch Essentials Posted 3:32 PM on 11/17/08 - Reply to this post

I just published a book called "Elevator Pitch Essentials" that discusses the concept of the elevator pitch in detail.

AJ Easton, PA

Successful Business Posted 8:33 PM on 10/03/08 - 

A great thing to remember is that: The customer is NOT always right, but they're NEVER wrong!!!

Vicki Childs

Family Leadership Posted 7:08 AM on 10/02/08 - 

Family Leadership God Bless you for speaking up for this type of leadership! You sure don't find much of it today. It is so simple, a fact of the golden rule, yet overlooked by many. I run the same type office in Clayton, GA, and, yes, we could win the award for the most fun office in our area. What a way to live life! Vicki Childs/VP/GM.. WRBN/WGHC Radio

Clem Daddy

Interference Posted 9:52 PM on 10/01/08 - 

I am on the verge of setting a new sales record for our company. Now that this is going to happen I have been hit with various assignments and road blocks to slow me down. As I create one opprotunity after another and try to share this with other regions, there is someone working on the negitive side to stall or stop the sales. I was working will changing my messages and titles to become more resourceful to my customers. Now I have been given only to this Friday to make my monthly sales goals as a test-no problem work a little later and follow through. I just can not wait to see what will be thrown at me next. Any suggestions to stall the sales haters?


Sales Prevention Department Posted 9:11 PM on 11/07/08 - Reply to this post

Sure. Tell them that if you make your numbers, you will do something for them. Find out what they like. It can be as simple as a free breakfast burrito on the first day of the month if you make your numbers. You might spend $50 a month hooking up your stallers, but I find that it is important to make them feel special. Remember: stallers (we call them the "Sales Prevention Department" at my company) often dislike sales people because they feel like the sales force is given special privledges that they do not receive. So, give in kind, and they will be your pal and your supporter.

Tom Gavin

Why businesses succeed Posted 11:37 AM on 10/01/08 - 

- trust your hunch, and try your hunch. be confident to take a risk. Some of our greatest networking relationships have evolved because one of our staff chose to listen to an inner ear instinct and act on it. We've found that by acting on an impulsive idea ... courageously ... can have business model changing moments when we least expect them! Tom Gavin Baltimore MD

One more thought Posted 2:52 AM on 10/01/08 - 

I appreciate and love your work! Keep it up! In regards to your latest article on what makes a great company I would like to add one more thought: Sensitivity: Your company is not successful because of what you want. It's becasue of what your customer wants, needs, and desires. Stay informed about the challenges and issues facing your customer base. Be sensitive to that in your approach, and you will earn the respect and unpenetreable loyalty that withstands any change in their environment (or yours!)

Mark Nelson

Economy Posted 5:42 PM on 09/30/08 - 

How do you all feel about this bailout and the economy with the effect on sales? Thanks, Bithlo


Employees and customers are Family Posted 2:27 PM on 09/30/08 - 

I would like to take this a step further: One final success element: I have never thought of my employees as a team, because in many ways people work independently of each other. Rather, I think of them as a family. I treat them that way, respect them that way, take care of them that way, teach them that way, and love them that way. We don't look at our customers as customers, but as family. Would you sell a customer something that you were not comfortable providing to your mother, father, brother or sister? If you don't believe enough in your organization to provide a worthwile product to a family member, you should never introduce that product to a potential customer as you are setting yourself and your organization up to fail.


inner office squabbles, Not Here! Posted 8:59 AM on 09/30/08 - 

Creating a unified office. I read your article about unity in your office. In the past i owned a different company where disunity was the norm. I now own a company that i am so proud of, everyone gets along great! Sure people don't always agree but they work it out well and we truely are a unified team. I think one key thing that creates this difference is that everyone here is listened to, respected and ownes their job. We focus on HUGE goals and fight hard together to reach them. In other words, our minds are taken up with a much bigger concern than personal little discomforts. We are just too busy to bother with it. By the way, we are in the building material insdustry, specializing in windows & doors among a few lesser products. Our industry is down 50 - 70% in our area. In 2007 our slaes were up 80% and now in 2008 we will close the year up about 40%. These blessings ar the result of an amazing team of highly focused and motivated people. And I am VERY thankful for this amazing team of people!

Chuck Sink

Success Strategies Posted 8:05 AM on 09/30/08 - 

Struck by Jeffrey's article of 9/30/08 Sales Caffeine, here's an element of success or failure that cries out for inclusion. It touches on "drop the PC..." and we'll leave religion out of this. One of the keys to success is faith. A belief system at the core of each individual that there absolutely is a higher power and is isn't us! If we are principle centered, maintain a good spiritual condition, and do the right things including the very hard work - the very best we know how to do, believe that the rest is in the hands of a loving Creator and you'll be fine going forward! On the verge of cash flow ruin recently, prayer and action filled our coffers. We'll continue that part of our strategy every day because it is real and it works.


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