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E-newsletter site Posted 9:28 AM on 12/21/12 - Reply to this post

Aces of Sales

Taylor Burke

New concepts to increase your conversion rate Posted 5:32 PM on 11/27/12 - 

I've been thinking lately about QR Codes and how they can be used to increase the conversion rate of your sales funnel. Since QR Codes can pull up URLs faster than typing manually, they can shorten the amount of time it takes the probably purchaser to become a proud product owner. Potentially they could increase conversion rates indirectly as well; for instance imagine using QR codes on products to prompt customers to leave a review on your website. I have many more ideas - what are yours?

Jane Fruehling

MY SECRET TACTIC Posted 9:15 PM on 11/12/12 - 

This is a little bit sneaky, but it works, and after all I need to pay for my mortgage, so don't be judgmental please. Whenever I meet with a new customer, I have a little program called 'date of birth profiler' that I downloaded from . I enter the date of birth and I get a 'profile' generated which gives me enough information about the customer's past and about his overall psyche and outlook and whatnot, especially his weaknesses, and I know exactly what to say to him to 'press his buttons' so to speak. It is not unethical, is it? A bit sneaky, but still ok ?!!


my secret tactic Posted 12:29 PM on 11/27/12 - Reply to this post

How do you ask the client for his/her date of birth?


Birthday Posted 3:46 PM on 01/21/13 - Reply to this post

Just ask! I have sent emails requesting their birthday and without the year of course and I get a 90% response. Then I send bithday cards!


my secret tactic Posted 5:05 PM on 01/21/13 - Reply to this post

Good question Anonymous. I wanna know, too!

Sam Chupa

Manners Posted 2:21 PM on 10/17/12 - 

My story is about everyday manners in sales. I really don't care if your company is Microsoft or if it is a five and dime corner store. I worked for a printing company in sales. The manager (and I use that term lightly) was neglective and a hoared. Her desk was piled so hi she would loose quotes and in turn loose jobs. So when I took over as the sales person for our branch, I tried to turn things around. My desk is ALWAYS neat and cleaned off, and I don't loose things like quotes. I keep every email I send or receive in appropriate folders so that way my inbox is never full if a customer is trying to send me information. My point of having mannaers is this. One day we hired a new girl to work the front counter and help out with the accounting dept. She is a bigger girl and always wore low sleevless shirts and also was quite endowed. But she was loud and obnoxious. When she was at the counter and asking clients for money, she would be very rude and would not say please or thank-you to them. A lot of our clients were little old ladies that had come to that store to photocopy pictures or little articles that they found in church bulletins. It got to the point that the girl at the sales counter was so rude she made on of them cry one day. So when the owner of the company came down we had a meeting to discuss sales for our branch. I suggested that maybe this new girl should be a little kinder, and use some please and thank-you's when dealing with customers. The owner looked at me and said "We are not in kindergarden anymore, and if those little old ladies want to take their business elsewhere let them!" So at a loss for words I let it go. But as one knows in a little townor a smaller city such as where I live, those little old ladies go to church or go for coffee with their friends, and before you know it, you are losing big accounts because they are not being treated with kindess or manners.


Manners do Matter! Posted 12:08 PM on 11/20/12 - Reply to this post

Poor manners are never acceptable i don't care who the customer is ("little old ladies" or otherwise). I wonder if your bosses mother was a customer and was treated in the same manner you described, if your boss would care then. I have spent my career in the fitness industry and the front desk greeter is the most important person we employ. If they don't welcome each and every member, answer the phone professionally and efficiently, answer questions with patience and kind, take payments with proper manners, relay messages, inspire, handle guests with kid gloves,and always thank our members for coming in.....We have the wrong person positioned as the first and last impression. The person you described seems as though she brought her own guidelines in to your business. Does your company provide training prior to putting someone in front of your customers? And finally, will you buy into this type of behavior as being acceptable and risk jeopardizing your integrity, or do you meet with the powers to be, offering your viewpoint?


Hurting business owner needs advice Posted 5:37 PM on 10/15/12 - 

What can you do with a new client who is a business owner who can't afford to hire a sales employee and is forced to become her own salesperson? She's painfully shy and has a bad attitude, and doesn't realize she IS her own salesperson! Her industry is eco-friendly building materials. Any advice would help...thanks!!


Hurting business owner needs advice Posted 11:45 AM on 11/20/12 - Reply to this post

A sales rep should always pay for themselves. If they make a salary or commission (or ideally, both) the revenue they generate has to be greater by far, or they probably aren't the right person for the job. Oh, and a bad attitude will sink a ship quickly. Each transaction has a face and should be treated with respect and gratitude.

Brian Bontomase

Disgruntled customer Posted 4:54 PM on 10/11/12 - 

I am a car salesman. A little over a month ago I had a gentleman come in who was very particular about the car he was buying. He was already driving a car of the same model. He was just buying a new one so he figured they would be very comparible so he didn't test drive the new one. We didn't have the extact one he was looking for so we had to do a dealer trade. When his new one came in he was very unhappy with it but, bought it anyway. After signing the paperwork, he preceeded to give us one of the worst scores on our surveys that we ever had! He also called and complained about the vehicle and our service on several occasions! Three weeks later he came in and told us he wanted to buy the next model up from what he bought. He felt that this was the car he was looking for as it had the features and the styling that he was used to with his older model. He purchased it. Since then I have sent him 2 greeting cards and some brownies to him thanking him for buying the second car from us and being a loyal customer even after all the issues he had! I gave him several phone calls to find out how happy he was with his new one. He gave me 2 phone calls back praising me for the high quality high touch service! He absolutely loves his new car and was excited to tell me he is now enjoying the savings he gets when he fills up with fuel. He just recently reached 50 mpg and the car isn't even broke in yet!


Transport Industry. Love it but stumped. Posted 2:45 PM on 10/10/12 - 

I work in the transportation industry selling medium and full size transports. I work in an area with a low size population (around 300k people) and have found most potential prospects to already have long pre-established relationships with my competeters. This is proving to be extremely difficult in getting myself in the door with any potential customers. Maybe my creativity is drifting away, but i cant seem to find a niche which would set me apart from my my competitors. Any ideas for a struggling salesperson ?


Relationships Posted 10:11 AM on 10/12/12 - Reply to this post

Stop focusing on selling and shift your actions to building relationships. Become friends first.


I feel ya... Posted 6:01 PM on 12/11/12 - Reply to this post

I feel your pain. Remember these folks if you are dealing with drivers, get an AWFUL lot of 'window time.' Nothing makes them happier than chatting and getting off the beaten path. I would say the number one tool at your disposal is LISTEN, for hours if necessary.


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