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Mark Reutzel

Solid Customer Service, Green Sales Posted 4:21 PM on 10/04/12 - 

25+ Years Customer Service wanting a Sales Trainee position to grow to VP of Global Sales. Lofty goal? Well, I think with your assistance and reading Mr Gitomer's books, I can get there. Looking for any suggestions.

Gerry O'Neill

The Source Posted 4:54 PM on 12/11/12 - Reply to this post

The Patterson Principles of Selling Revised and revised by Jeffrey Gitomer I am currently page 43, and oddly enough, this is the very first paragraph phrase: On-the-job training is one of the most important facets of a successful company. Don't beleive me? Go get that book! You'll be a great Sales Person Mark, if and only if you read from what I have being calling "The Source". Not supreme beings, just everyday folks who have spent a lifetime reading from "The Source". Kind Regards, Gerry


Medical Device Sales Objection Question Posted 1:43 AM on 10/03/12 - 

I am getting resitance from physicians on a device that will save the lives and well being of their patients, along with save Medicare billions of dollars, yet im getting hit with the Medicare scare excuse over and over. For example, most doctors agree they need the technology I'm selling and that their patients need it, yet they are reluctant to implement the technology into their practices due to the new health care legislation reducing Medicare reimbursements. I have heard it over and over. "I'm not doing anything till we figure out what's going on with Medicare" What if anything can I do to counter that objection?


cold Calling Posted 5:36 PM on 09/30/12 - 

Dear Jeffrey, I am new to sales but I am not new to the market /customer I sell. I am a chef who now sells high-end ingredients to Chefs. I have listened to your CD Little Red Book …at least three times now while riding in my car. The script, “Hi Chef, Can I get your opinion on our products?” is one that I have been instructed to use. Or the ..”ways to save you money” script. Rarely does this result in an appointment. I typically get in front of the chef by walking directly into the kitchen as saying, “Chef I have something I want you to try.” This does not work however when trying to reach the Food and Beverage Director or Director of Nutrition in places like hospitals. Any suggestions on how I could get these people on the phone to set up an appointment?

Tom Checksfield

Getting to higher management Posted 4:01 PM on 12/11/12 - Reply to this post

Getting appointments with high level management at large institutions is always a hard task. My suggestion is to develop a plan for each large account you want to penetrate. As an example you can find out what professional groups the Food and Beverage Director belongs to and join that group. Learn what this person's interests and issues are and then fine tune your plan to meet with them and get to know them. As an added benefit, being involved with this trade group or association will bring you new knowledge and more ideas.


Ultimate Sales Dialer for Android Posted 12:53 PM on 09/25/12 - 

We are a small start-up specializing in Sales Tool for Smartphones. We have developed an Android application called Ultimate Sales Dialer: a powerful tool for making outbound calls, sending SMS and Email and Screen pop for inbound calls. We would like professionals to give a try and provide us with valuable feedback and enhancement requests. Really appreciate your help.


sales dialer Posted 12:13 PM on 11/16/12 - Reply to this post

The sales tool sounds very interesting. How can I learn more and see the program? Mike Riggins


Sales Dialer for Android Posted 9:56 PM on 01/07/13 - Reply to this post

Hi : I currently use the Mojo Dialer ( It works really well but it is expensive and I am tied to my desk when using it. I am willing to test yours. Do I have to use my mobile to call or can I use a tablet as well? Let me know. I call 3 hrs each and every day. Thank you. Maxence.


Ultimate Sales Dialer for Android Posted 10:27 AM on 01/22/13 - Reply to this post

Hi, Can you fill me in as to the details of your product.Is it compatible with land line VoIP phones or just Android? Thanks

Andreas Louca

Killing cold calls and focusing on referrals Posted 7:16 AM on 09/04/12 - 

Before reading Jeffrey's books I was taught to cold call all prospects and get rid of my fear of rejection. I started cold calling and I hated it. I had a gut feeling that this was not the right way to go. After reading Jeffrey's books and other books that he recommended, I started focusing on the referral. I understood that to get more customers I had to WOW my existing customers so that they could start talking so loud about me that other people could start hearing. It took time but the results are out of this world. Today, I might spend a whole day preparing and searching for a business opportunity for only one of my customers. It might sound bizarre to a few but baby it works. My first goal is to become friends with the customer and earn his trust through delivering what I promised and then more. Thank you Jeffrey, you have brought change to my life.

Cyndi N

Training for Sales Managers Posted 2:28 PM on 08/23/12 - 

Does anyone have any suggestions for Managers of retail associates? I would like to find a speaker or solution to help our Managers that are leading the sales force. Our sales staff do a decent job with selling, but our Managers need some help on their end. They need help with managing and motivating the sales staff for results. Any ideas?

Gary Childers

Approach, leads, fear of not doing it correctly Posted 12:41 PM on 08/23/12 - 

I have been in the electrical field(service technician) for over 20 years. With my positive attitude, my ability to connect with customers while working in the field and my desire to succeed. I asked my service manager if he would give me the opportunity as a service representative with the company(I rather not use the word sales). He was impressed with my decision to take the next step and has offered me the opportunity on a part time basis.I will still work in the field but will work 1 to 2 days a week on contacting(connecting with)new customers that would benefit from our services. my fears on approach,cold calling and fear of not doing it correctly makes me want to procrastinate. I am eager to hear all the responses from everyone who is willing to assist me with developing my skills as a professional... Thank you for your time. Gary Childers


approach Posted 3:38 PM on 08/28/12 - Reply to this post

Hi Gary - I believe you are in a great position to advise new potential customers with their electrical needs. You have years of experience doing the "real work". Whereas, a pure sales person is just that. I would look at this opportunity less as approaching people and more about sharing your years of experience (wisdom). Your hook is not that you are in sales, but you are a technician with the knowledge and years of experience to advise new customers on electrical solutions. Happy Hunting!


Comment Posted 9:50 PM on 08/29/12 - Reply to this post

Thank you for the comment...One thing I do know is when you have others in your corner and are willing to give a bit of advice it always makes you feel confident and reassured that you can do it! By the way I got a new customer this week!


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