Suggested Websites

Favorite Small Publisher

Bard Press - Publisher of good business books that sell - including Jeffrey's Customer Loyalty book, Little Red Book of Selling, and Little Black Book of Connections.

Favorite Big Publisher

FT Press, Prentice Hall - High quality books in the areas of General Business, Finance and Investing, Sales and Marketing, Leadership, Management and Strategy, Human Resources, and Global Business. Their brand is built on the concept of signing and publishing the world's best minds on the most relevant topics.

My Mentor and Teacher

Ty Boyd Executive Learning Systems - For 25 years, Ty Boyd Executive Learning Systems has been changing lives by helping lifelong learners hone their natural communication tools. The company primarily teaches executives at Fortune 1000 firms how to communicate more effectively with their customers.

Great Free Advice

The Advertising Show - The Advertising Show is a radio program that features national industry guest interviews and contemporary marketing advice. Join ad industry experts for an informative and entertaining two-hour presentation every Sunday from 4 PM - 6 PM CST.

Get a Coach

ActionCOACH - If you had a coach in high school and you had a coach in college, why don’t you have a Business Coach or an Executive Coach for your business or your career? ActionCOACH is the number one business coaching firm in the world. ActionCOACH founder and CEO Brad Sugars provides a wealth of business coaching and executive coaching knowledge that will guide you, your business, and your career to victory.

Publish Your Own Audios and Videos

FlowMotion – A full-service multi-media production company with expertise in original graphic design, audio/video production, and fulfillment. Everything you need to get your product out there.

Unique Business Cards

SuperHero Cards - SuperHero Cards are quite possibly the most powerful sales/marketing & branding tool ever created. Regular business cards usually find their way to a Rolodex or the trash -- SuperHero Cards go where no business card has gone before!

Favorite Photographers

Mitchell Kearney - A world class artist, Mitchell's images will make you look great and feel better about yourself and your public image.

Yanick Déry - Modern, real and timeless. These are the three words that spontaneously come to mind when viewing Yanick's work. Yanick is known for his keen sense of service and respect toward his clients.

World Class Art

Alex Beard - Painter, writer and world traveler, Alex Beard is a renaissance man whose diverse works reflect his vast experiences. Known for his trademark style of rendering the figure in an abstract form, Beard's works are collected around world and by Jeffrey.

Matt Rinard - Matt has been the French Quarter Festival artist in New Orleans for six years and official artist for the famous Krewe of Barkus. He founded Spilled Inc., an art publishing enterprise.

Pop International Galleries - In the heart of SoHo, in New York City, Pop International specializes in art and photography that is derived from, or influenced by, popular culture.

Personal Development

Napoleon Hill Foundation - A nonprofit educational institution, based on the teachings of Hill. Interact with like-minded individuals, who are dedicated to success and personal development.

Toastmasters - Become the speaker and leader you want to be, through practice and feedback in local clubs, since 1924.

Online Training and Self Knowledge

TrainOne - TrainOne was founded and is driven on the principle of learning and sales education with real world measurable results. Jeffrey Gitomer and TrainOne give you information and answers you can take into the street and turn into money the same day.

KnowSuccess - To know success you have to know yourself! The reason people are not successful is they just plain don't want to know. Here's your opportunity to invest 30 minutes of time for a lifetime of understanding.

Critical Information

Sports Illustrated - Did the Phillies Win?

Rare & Used Books - 125 million books, one search engine. The best in used, rare, out-of-print and international titles.

When More Is Still Not Enough

eBay - My 24/7/365 garage sale and memorabilia source.


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