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Jeffrey and his podcast partner Jennifer Gluckow produce a weekly podcast, Sell or Die, that is broadcast live on Facebook & then made available through every podcast channel. The podcast features other world-class experts on every aspect of sales and personal development.

  • Engaging Your Audience with guest Josh Coffy
  • The Tradeshow Show with guest Erin Gargan, Founder of Socialite
  • Can “Big Data” lead you to big sales? with guest Ben Prusky
  • Modern Marketing Rules with guest Joe Apfelbaum, CEO, Ajax Union

Jeffrey has written 1200 articles on every aspect of business, sales, service, and personal development. This is the most complete resource of personal development information in the world

This Place Couldn’t Survive Without Me… Not.

When I was 19, my dad made me production manager of his 75 employee kitchen cabinet manufacturing factory. Before I officially took the job I worked in the shop at each job, and set production standards based on what I could produce at each station. On my first official day as boss, Ozzie, our superstar…

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Show Me the Value

Show Me the Value, or I’ll Show You the Door.

How do you make a sales presentation? No I don’t mean warm up, probe, present, over come objections, close. I mean what’s the big picture of your sales presentation? What’s the content of your sales presentation? And most important how are you certain that you engage your prospect in your presentation? What makes your sales…

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When Charlie Jones told me “the only difference between where you are now and where you will be in the next five years, are the people you meet, the books you read, and the places you go,” it changed my life. Here are a few of the books I’ve read that I recommend you to read, that will change your life.

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