Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

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Open letter of apology to all salespeople regarding

the promised CRM comparison chart.

I started out very idealistically trying to create a comparison chart that would help you decide which CRM offering would be best. But because there is so much diversity in each of the programs with respect to pricing, add-ons, customization, and contractual terms it became a nightmare, rather than a benefit, for me to compile.

To that end, there are links for every major CRM provider below and my recommendation is that you visit all of them and decide for yourself.

Me personally, I have chosen Dovarri. The reason is three-fold:

1. Their front page seems to be most navigable and has the most information, with the least amount of searching.

2. The program includes a very sophisticated email, bulk mail, and proposal package that tells you when the customer opened the mail and, in most cases, how long they spent reading it.

3. They have also incorporated my video vignettes, further promoting my overall philosophy that, “We are going to help the salespeople of


control their data, make communication with the customer, AND help them make the sale. To date, they are the only CRM that offers these advantages.

3.5 I am not saying, “Go buy it.” I am saying, “Go look at it and see for yourself.”

I’d love to hear from you,

Below are a list of the CRMs that Jeffrey mentioned in his article. Click this link to register for a free trial:

SalesLogix Click this link for a live eDemo:

Siebel Click this link to register for a live demo from a Siebel expert:

GoldMine Click this link for a Flash demo:

Dovarri Click this link to register for a free trial: