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The Gitomer Learning Academy is exactly what my sales team needed! I have been using it for our weekly team meetings and they love it! It has us thinking about sales in a whole new way. Thank you Jeffrey! -Sarah B.

Training Topics For Sales Success

The Gitomer Learning Academy is an interactive training platform that is designed to evaluate, educate, help you understand, and reinforce your learning. This platform contains the Sales IQ Assessment, Ultimate Sales Certification Course, and over 100 hours of content divided into topic specific categories as shown below.

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Your Personalized Sales Anatomy

To advance your sales skills, you need to know where to improve.

The Sales IQ Assessment is a personalized map of your sales knowledge – where you are and why you’re there. The Ultimate Sales Certification will help you get where you need to be – and equip you with the sales skills you need to get to the next level.

  • Know Thy
    Sales Self
  • Advanced Sales Courses
  • Assessment & Analysis

52 five-minute power lessons to turn into money, one minute after you learn it

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Track, measure, and monitor the progress and success of your team

At any given moment, you can access Usage Reports that give you detailed information on your team’s progress and accountability through training. The reporting features allow manager’s to view each person’s sign in history, module completion status, and scoring on interactive questions.

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