Sales Training in Philadelphia, PA


Chubb Hotel & Conference Center
309 Manor Road
Lafayette Hill, PA, 19444
OCTOBER 18th and 19th, 2018

Sales Training in Philadelphia

Jeffrey Gitomer, King of Sales, will appear live in Philadelphia to provide sales training for both salespeople and sales leaders. The sales training course in Philadelphia for salespeople is called Sales Mastery. The sales training course in Philadelphia for sales leaders is called Sales Leadership.

Sales Training in Philadelphia with Jeffrey Gitomer


When you attend the Sales Training in Philadelphia for Sales People you will learn:

  • Sales attitude
  • Gaining referrals
  • The law of sales attraction
  • Improving relationships
  • How to give BEST Presentations
  • Value vs. Price
  • Asking vs. Telling
  • Satisfaction vs. Loyalty

When you attend the Sales Training in Philadelphia for Sales Leaders you will master:

  • How to hire the best people
  • Retain an amazing team
  • Exceed all your goals


Sales Training in Philadelphia for Sales Leaders with Jeffrey Gitomer
Sales Training in Philadelphia for Sales Professionals with Jeffrey Gitomer



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Here’s the question: What are you learning new every day?

Something or nothing?

How often do you get sales training? When I was 20, I knew everything. By the time I reached 21, I realized how stupid I actually was. Somewhere between the ages of 20 and 21 (personal enlightenment), I rededicated myself to education, personal development, and professional development. And I’ve stayed on that track for more than 45 years. My goal then, and my goal now, is learning something new every day.

And the only way that I can achieve that goal, is to expose myself to new information on a daily basis. The great Jim Rohn said, “All the information you need to succeed already exists; the only problem is you’re not exposing yourself to it.”

In today’s world of information overload, I have to be selective about what I subscribe to, and what I read. I feel certain that you are the same.

Your challenge is to learn something new every day. And attending my live sales training in Philadelphia is the best place to start.

When you join my live sales training in Philadelphia, you’ll …

Work on improving yourself — “Work harder on yourself than you do your job” is advice legendary author Jim Rohn used to teach. He was right. We must never stop learning and growing. Part of that work is listening to yourself. When your heart speaks take heed and take good notes. You see … being a person of character has little or nothing to do with the position you hold or the title you carry. It’s all about the way you do your job (the attitude, energy, competency, creativity and perspective you bring to life everyday).

Your insight, ideas, and thinking process come from exposing yourself to other insightful thinkers. From Albert Einstein to Oscar Wilde. From Abraham Lincoln to Martin Luther King. From John F. Kennedy to Benjamin Franklin to my sales information at my live sales training in Philadelphia — begin to expose yourself to new information — even if it’s 100 years old.

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