101.5 Rules for Selling Success – The last grasp

101.5 Rules for Selling Success – The last grasp

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at gitomer.me.

Fight the rules? Who doesn’t? But sales rules are different. You must embrace them and adapt them to your personality and style in order to achieve your sales goals. Welcome to part four (the final installment) of a challenge to your basic sales skills.

These rules are designed to make you aware of knowledge gaps in your sales skills, and reinforce what you know you should be doing but might not be. You can gain maximum benefit if you follow the ABC’s…

  1. Evaluate yourself on each rule. Be honest. This is a self-evaluation, not a place to brag. It’s an opportunity to get real with the most important person on earth – YOU! Put a number in the line that represents your present skill level in each rule. 1=poor, 2=average, 3=good, 4=very good, 5=the greatest.
  2. If you’re between good and poor (sometimes or rarely) in any rule, make an action plan to get excellent.
  3. Do it.


___ 78. Take advantage of every second of your time… It’s all you’ve got.

___ 79. Schedule a sales call one minute after your sales meeting… Try out what you just learned.

___ 80. Implement the Daily Dose formula… Reduce what it takes to succeed to a daily dose. Do that amount every day. Sounds simple, it is simple.

___ 81. Evaluate yourself every month… Your presentation, your sales, your personal goal achievement, your education, and your attitude.

___ 82. Do it down to the last detail… Too often salespeople ignore details and fail.

___ 83. Gain the ability to make effective decisions… Which means taking risks. Don’t be afraid to be wrong it inhibits growth.

___ 84. The two acid sales questions… Is this in the best interest of my customer? Is this in the best long-term interest of my company? If yes, do it.

___ 85. Make it easy for anyone to do business with you… Fill out the forms yourself.

___ 86. Do something nonbusiness with a customer… A meal, ball game, or theater tickets help turn customers into business friends. People buy from friends.

___ 87. Get other’s business… A powerful relationship builder and implied position of obligation. Help people build their business, so you can earn yours.

___ 88. Don’t keep score… Use every resource at your disposal to help others… If you don’t measure (he owes me one), it will come back to you times ten.

___ 89. If it wouldn’t make your mom proud, don’t do it… Take pride in yourself, your company and what you do. Be an ambassador at all times.

___ 90. Don’t force the sale… It usually turns out to be a big hassle.

___ 91. Keep physically fit… It will improve your performance by 20%.

___ 92. Get unsolicited referrals on a regular basis… Ask yourself: Have I done what it takes so this person will refer me to someone else?

___ 93. Do it passionately… Do it the best it’s ever been done. Give the best effort you have every day.

___ 94. Be memorable… In a creative way. In a positive way. In a professional way. What will they say about you when you leave? You are responsible for the memory you leave.

___ 95. Resign your position as general manager of the universe… Before you interfere with everyone else’s problems, solve your own first. People in tin houses shouldn’t throw can openers. Butt out.

___ 96. Get great at everything you do… Be known as the best.

___ 97. Speak in public… It will help you improve presentation skills and position you as an expert. Join Toastmasters.

___ 98. Get involved in your community… Give back a portion of what is provided to you.

___ 99. Find mentors and use them… If you have the desire to succeed, others will help you. Just earn the right to ask.

___ 100. The best way to learn to be successful is hang around successful people… Hang around with the best salespeople you know. Avoid people who are not.

___ 101. The biggest obstacle to your success is you…You have been given a bag of cement and a bucket of water You can either build a stepping stone or a stumbling block. The choice is (and always has been) yours.

The 101.5 characteristic is the most important of them all…

___ 101.5. Have Fun!… You will succeed far greater at something you love to do. Doing something you enjoy will also bring joy to others. Happiness and enthusiasm are contagious.


There are a lot of salespeople who have read these last four issues and said “Yeah, I know all that stuff.” And to him or her, I say, “Yes, but are you doing it?” Following the fundamental rules of selling will lead to sale success faster than any high pressure technique. The surest way to get great at sales? Get great at the basics.

I hope all your appointments are one call closes that lead to long term relationships.