21st Century Sales Leadership – Will it be you or your rivals?

21st Century Sales Leadership – Will it be you or your rivals?

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at gitomer.me.

Here is part II of emerging trends and philosophies that will drive sales into the 21st century. Board your starship, adjust your communication devices and set your phasers on sell.

13. Substitute promotion for advertising…Get published, get in print, get on TV, get a radio interview, get a magazine article written about you, write a magazine article. Promotion builds credibility. Advertising puts you with all the others. I’m not saying advertising doesn’t work. I’m saying that promotion works better and brings a better qualified prospect.

14. Sell on your home court as often as possible…Professional sports teams win 75% of their games at home. Take a lesson from winners. Why sell at the other guy’s office when all your people and resources are at your place? Playing games at home is the key to a higher percentage of selling victories.

15. Make networking an integral part of your career…Make a plan to network where your best customers and prospects do. Develop strong networking skills that include the perfect 30 Second (interest gaining) Personal Commercial. Join strategic organizations and get involved. Give your time and energy. Your rewards will be lots of relationships, lots of friends, and lots of business.

16. Be a resource to the community…Playing a vital role in your community builds your character and gives others an opportunity to see your human side. In order to achieve the success you’re striving for, you must give before you get. Community service rewards in all ways.

17. Speak in public…Your image, your stature and your message are enhanced every time you speak in public. Select topics that have broad interest and offer to talk to business groups or civic groups. They are ALWAYS looking for a good speaker. Can’t speak very well? Join Toastmasters.

18. Be prepared to sell at all times…When you get to an appointment, have all your research done. When you’re out casually, have cards and information. Be ready and you’ll maintain better focus.

19. Become proactive towards positive, measured results…Do self-evaluations and make self-improvement plans for yourself and each individual team member. Create a “daily dose” attitude and do some small amount of improving, learning and goal achievement each day.

20. Serve customers with a chapstick attitude…Yes, that’s correct. Put on lots of chapstick and kiss their butts or you will lose them to a competitor that does.

21. Learn every element in the science of serving…Elemental Service is a program we have developed that addresses the 12 elements than comprise service. Our objective is to ensure businesses that memorable service has an opportunity to occur…The 12 elements develop fundamental skills in: Positive Attitude, Achieving Goals, Understanding Yourself and Others, Developing Pride, Accepting Responsibility, Listening to Understand, Effective Communicating, Embracing Change, Making Decisions, Establishing Long-Term Relationships, Delivering Memorable Service, and Working as a Team.

22. Incorporate Customer Wellness into your customer service program…Develop service tactics that prevent problems by asking questions and listening to customers. This not only prevents bad service from occurring, it sets benchmarks that empowers employees to serve in a memorable way. Customer Wellness defines the 21st century customer and what it will take to serve him for life. (Customer Wellness is a registered trademark.)

22.5 Use unsolicited referrals as the measuring device for achievement…How do you get unsolicited referrals? You earn them. When your phone rings with someone you don’t know who wants to do business with you because an associate recommended him or he saw some of your promotion and was moved to call you, have a measure of the worth of the work you have put forth. You have won.

And for many of you who read this column and say, “I know all that stuff.” I say, “Yeah, but are you doing it?”



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