Advancing networking to NetWeaving to net more sales.

Advancing networking to NetWeaving to net more sales.

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

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Advancing networking to NetWeaving to net more sales.

As an impressionable youth, I watched my dad bring people together that he thought could “do business.”

“What do you make, Pop?” I asked.”Nothing and everything, son. They don’t pay me, but I will often be rewarded by them or others in many ways.” He said.

“I don’t get it, Pop.””If you give to others without measuring, you get repaid without ever asking for it.” He stated as though it were a law of the universe.

“Oh,” I said without really understanding.

“You’ll get it later, son.” He promised.

My dad repeated his philosophy for years. Helping others at every turn, and bringing people together. And was often rewarded.

By osmosis, I have done the same thing. Never really thought about the right or wrong of it. Never even questioned the validity of it. Just did it. And have often been rewarded. Very often.

Then I came to find that someone had named the process: NetWeaving. Bob Littell from Atlanta has even written a book about it. Cool.

Bob invited me to be the guest of honor at two NetWeaving events. One sort of public, held after one of my seminars. And a more private, smaller event held the next evening at a more upscale location.

At the first event, about 150 people were there putting a spin on the traditional “networking” process. “What can I do for you,” rather than, “what can you do for me.” Great concept. And it worked. After a brief lesson and introduction to the concept of NetWeaving, people were engrossed so deeply that no one wanted to leave.

The second, smaller event was held at the fabulous SPA Sydell. An incredible day spa in midtown Atlanta that puts a new meaning to the word pamper. It’s scientific skin care combined with SPA services of every description.

About 50 people of some influence and character (I guess that includes me) came together to see what they could do for one another.

The results were fantastic. People spent hours trying to involve themselves in others needs. To give of themselves first.

Wanna NetWeave? Start with your BEST. Your best friends, your best contacts, your best influencers, and even your best prospects. Throw a party. Doesn’t have to be big. More like a social gathering with a message and a mission: help others first.

The good new is that people who think it’s a crazy idea won’t show. The better news is that everyone who does show for the event will be eager to participate. The best news is that you will have business and opportunities being thrown at you left and right.

Think about the power of it. In traditional networking, you show up to “work the room” and try to make a few contacts. At a NetWeaving event, all the people in the room are trying to make connections for you. Wow. Wow.

In a nutshell, NetWeaving is connecting people, and positioning yourself as a resource to others – often on a totally gratuitous basis. . .just with the belief to know that “what goes around, comes around”.

The interesting part is that when you become involved in NetWeaving, you get into a new business frame of mind. It makes you aware of the needs of others and at the same time challenges you to draw on your full range of contacts. The challenge is as great as the reward.

Like anything else, you have to practice the process outside the event in order to master it. Bob Littell is the current master. He’s an insurance guy who doesn’t sell insurance. He creates opportunities for other people to succeed, and then people buy from Bob.

Proof? I’ve seen it personally. And in two NetWeaving events, I’ve never seen so much power in a room. Not necessarily powerful people, rather people with the power to help others. It’s a business sight to see. And when someone offers their help, you can’t help but want to help others.

My philosophy of business has always been “give value first.” People read my article and want more. Been doing that for eleven extremely successful years. Plan to continue that process for the next twenty-five years or so, and then I’ll quit. The net result of my column is that I make hundreds of friends by helping them. Friends that one day may turn into business. That’s NetWeaving.

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