America’s #1 Success author writes about failure.

America’s #1 Success author writes about failure.

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

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‘s #1 Success author writes about failure.

Got fired? You’re in luck! You’re now in the ranks of some of the world’s most successful people. Even better. You’re EXACTLY where they were when they started on their success path.

You have now joined the ranks of such failures as Joe Torre (the Yankee), Bernie Marcus (the Home Depot), Tom Stemberg (the Staple), Larry King (the Interviewer), Mannie Jackson (the Globetrotter), Michael Bloomberg (the mayor), and even Harvey Mackay (the author).

Harvey Mackay has done it again.


‘s most prolific writer on success has written about failure. But the best part is that you can gain fortune, and make a fortune, by buying it, reading it, and putting their lessons into your success toolbox.

It’s all in Harvey Mackay’s new book, “We Got Fired!… And It’s The Best Thing That Happened To Us.” Is not about people getting fired — it’s about their response to getting fired. How they took the cards they we’re dealt, and turned them into a winning hand.

It’s not a storybook — it’s a success-book, it’s a lesson-book, and it contains hundreds of wisdom bites from the people who failed and rose, including the author.

You may know who the people are. Most are household names. What you want to know is what they learned, how they felt, what they risked, and how they won. And how you may be able to use that information to help you win.

And there’s more. Donald Trump (the Donald), arguably the king of firing, offers advice on how to get hired.

The gold mine, or should I say, your gold mine, is to read the book and discover how each of the people in the 28 stories Mackay weaves, overcame their adversity, and then apply the lessons to your present situation. How they overcame their adversity is your opportunity.

Leave it to Harvey Mackay,


‘s most insightful business thinker and writer, to take a negative and turn it into a gold mine.

Here’s the philosophy of the book in a nutshell: Great news! I’m fired! Now I can succeed!

You’re Fired! Are two of the worst words in the world. (The only thing worse than that is your doorbell ringing and someone saying, “I’m from the IRS and I’m here to help you.”)

It’s unpleasant. Sometimes downright nasty. Your employer will try to sugar-coat it, (“Things just aren’t working out as we hoped.”) or be patronizing, (“For the best interests of both of us.”). Or call it downsizing, right-sizing. But the bottom line is you’re out on the street, with no income, starting over, and angry.

Did Lee Iacocca let getting fired from Ford Motor Company prevent him from becoming the most celebrated CEO of the 20th century? NO. Neither should you.

Did it stop Michael Bloomberg from establishing a media giant. NO. Neither should you.

Here are some Mackay gems that appear in the book:

Unless you work in demolition, don’t burn bridges.

There aren’t many rules for success that work.

The real opportunity for success lies within the person, not the job.

Success is putting your “knows” to the grindstone.

Don’t waste your time in bitterness. Visualize acceptance.

And there are HUNDRED’S more ideas and thoughts in the book.

Go get it.

If you work for someone, you are always in jeopardy of “getting the axe.” Especially if you think, “this place can’t make it without me.” You will likely be the first to go.

The key to getting fired is your response to someone else’s actions. It’s about getting self-inspired instead of self-defeated.. And in the end, it’s about energy conversion. Taking the negative energy of getting fired, and converting it to positive energy of determination and success.

Harvey Mackay’s new book is not about getting fired, it’s about getting fired up.

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