Ask Jeffrey about sales and you get answers.

Ask Jeffrey about sales and you get answers.

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at



Ask Jeffrey about sales and you get answers.

Answers. Salespeople want answers. Here are a few of the answers to questions I get in the mail (fax, e, and snail). The purpose of this column is twofold. First to give you a sampling of what people ask, and second to assure you that you are not alone in experiencing the weirdness that everyday selling seems to breed.

And by the way, in case you forgot the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask.

Dear Jeffrey, What would you say to the sales person who is experiencing a “block” of sorts. This is a person who normally has no trouble communicating but now is experiencing trouble with the most simple of sales communications. How would you advise that person to overcome the problem? It’s not me, it’s a friend of mine, I swear. Thanks, Dianne

Dear Dianne, A few more facts would be helpful but here’s a ‘gut’ response:

One or more of these seven things are at the root of the problem.

lack of confidence in self

lack of belief in product or company

fear of rejection

lack of preparation (dreading a question you can’t answer)

money pressure

home pressure or wrong home environment

physical pain or medical disorder

Inability to communicate is not a problem it’s a symptom for deeper problems. Something is in the way of communication remove it (or them) and the communication ability will reappear as suddenly as it left. Hope that helps. Regards, Jeffrey

Dear Jeffrey, Could you possibly provide a sales question that I may ask when trying to sell an annual maintenance contract. Your help is greatly appreciated. Rick the landscaper.

Dear Rick, HERE’S THE QUESTION: Mrs. Jones did you want your property looking good all year or just in the summer? Regards, Jeffrey

Dear Jeffrey, how do I respond to this? I sell advertising space. A prospect says “Art, I like your magazine but your competitor successfully generates me leads

and costs less. I only have the $$ to go with one magazine. Why should I risk it all and go with you?” Love your column, Art

Dear Art, ANSWER THE PROSPECT: “Great Mr. Jones anyone can get you leads, but how many end up in sales? What is your “costperlead” is not as important as what is your “cost per sale.” You may actually be paying a higher price per leadtosale, even though your cash outlay is less initially. We deliver cost effective sales not just leads.”

“I recommend we track your real costs, not just the price and the activity. Then we can get down to a trial that matches our quality leads and lower conversion rate against a bunch of low priced leads.” That should land the sale. Regards, Jeffrey

Dear Jeffrey, How do you react when establishing a new phone contact and your prospect reacts to your approach with dead silence… Is joking about this with him/her appropriate? Hoping it is, Jennifer.

Dear Jennifer,

Joking is appropriate you have nothing to lose you already lost with the boring approach, why not go for a laugh.

“The phone seems to be broken Mr. Jones, I can’t hear you. I guess you’re so stunned from my offer that you want me to come right over and pick up the order. Do you need anything from the office supply store while I’m on the way? I could stop buy and pick it up. Are you smiling yet Mr. Jones? Uh, I see a small smile in my phone video camera…” If you can make ’em laugh, you can make ’em buy. Regards, Jeffrey

Dear Jeffrey: I really need help with my phone block. Some weeks I make up to 15 appointments and have great presentations but lately it’s been terrible. I just don’t know what to respond when they tell me that they have a supplier and that they’re happy. I mean how do I get in there? I guess I’m just feeling a little desperate… any suggestions? Thanks. Jackie

Dear Jackie,

Do something different with your presentation:

1. Ask more questions.

2. Ask why they are saying no.

3. Use humor when you get rejected ask if they know anyone else they may not be interested.

4. Call at different times first thing in the morning lunch time after hours.

5. Try networking instead of calling go to a few after hours meetings with your best customers go to their association meetings and find other prospects.

6. Don’t mope or feel sorry for yourself.

7. Read for 30 minutes a day about selling skills and positive attitude.

8. Don’t quit no matter what.

You can do it! Regards, Jeffrey

Dear Jeffrey, What is the future of cold calling door to door? Copier sales guy.

Dear Copier sales guy, Cold calling is a great place to learn how to sell, but a lousy place to make sales. The cold call is the lowest percentage sale, but it has a place in sales education. If you want a sales lesson, make a cold call. If you want a sale, make an appointment. Regards, Jeffrey

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