Carolina Business Fair…the ultimate in sales power.

Carolina Business Fair…the ultimate in sales power.

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at

The Carolina Business Fair is September 29th and 30th at the Merchandise Mart. Are you going? BuyGitomer, The Business Journal and more than 200 businesses will exhibit. And I’ll give you 7,500 reasons why.

An estimated 7,500 people will attend. What a sales prospecting, relationship building, lead generating, networking event! You should be there from the second it opens on the first day, until they throw you out on the second evening.

Here’s how to maximize the benefit and capitalize on the opportunity either as an exhibitor or an attendee.

If you’re exhibiting at a business fair and you’re making your game plan ask yourself:

  • What do I expect to accomplish as a result of exhibiting? Do I have a clearly defined and written set of goals that include number of prospects I expect and the number of sales that will be a result of the show.
  • When a prospect comes up to my exhibit booth, what do I want their first impression of me to be? How will I make this happen?
  • What powerful questions will I ask a prospect to immediately qualify them and generate interest in what I do? Do I have these questions written down and rehearsed? Are they questions that make a prospect answer with information that leads to appointment, or sale?
  • What information do I want to get from asking this question? Can I tell how qualified my prospect is as a result of the question? Does it take more than one question to find out the information I need?
  • What power statements can I make that will establish credibility and motivate the prospect to act? Do I have these statements written down and rehearsed? Is it a statement about what I do in terms of what my prospect needs? Is it a statement that is memorable?
  • Am I doing anything memorable, is my exhibit memorable, am I saying anything memorable? What can I do that will be remembered and talked about after the show?
  • Am I doing anything that will differentiate me or distinguish me from the competition? When I follow up after the show, what will separate me from my competition in the eyes of the prospect?
  • What are the tools I’ll need to accomplish these tasks? What literature, ad specialties, signs, show specials, and people do I need to make this show a success? (meet or exceed my goals)

Are you going to try to sell other exhibitors? Of course you are!

  • Let them know you are an exhibitor, too!
  • The best selling situation is CEO to CEO.
  • Use a well thought out, rehearsed, short statement about who you are & what you do.
  • Try to establish quick rapport and confidence either through mutual friends, known customers, their competition that buys from you, or your ability to explain how your service can benefit the exhibitor.


  • Remember the exhibitor is there to sell not buy.
  • Don’t interrupt a conversation taking place. Ever.
  • Conversation can carry on 13 minutes, not longer.
  • Get card, write information, firm up a “get together”

If you are an exhibiting CEO, walk around 50% of the time like I have to tell you that?

If you’re attending a business fair and you’re making your game plan ask yourself:

  • Am I going as a buyer, seller, or some of each? Almost everyone going is trying to sell, planning for sales, or learning how to sell.
  • If I’m going to sell or get sales information from exhibitors how can I best accomplish this delicate mission? Be discreet and be brief. They are there to sell, not buy. They will form an impression of you that will carry over to the followup you attempt after the show. Best way to sell to exhibitors at the show? Be an exhibitor yourself it’s an unwritten law that it’s OK to solicit other exhibitors.
  • As an attendee, Should I take more than my business cards? Probably not. Get others cards and mail your information after the show.
  • How do I find the prospects I’m looking for? Target them, look for them, hunt for them, wait for them, track them down. And when you find them… be prepared for them.
  • How can I maximize my exposure? By being there every second, by being prepared, by saying things that make people think and remember who you are.

The trade show is a classic example of Charlotte Chamber of Commerce opportunity in action. Without a doubt it is the best selling opportunity until the next Business Fair. Take advantage of it.

You have an opportunity to see 7,500 prospects in two days. Capitalize on every second.


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