Don’t ask me to do your work. Do it yourself!

Don’t ask me to do your work. Do it yourself!

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at

Don’t ask me to do your work. Do it yourself!

I get requests like these all the time: “Please update your information, blah, blah” And whatever the program is, they want me to register and become part of their pathetic process. Eh, no.

Funny, I NEVER get these requests from customers. Only from salespeople — or should I say LAZY salespeople. Why on earth are you asking me to update your database? How about your windows? Do they need washing? Floors need waxing? Trash can full? Why not ask me to make your car payment?

STOP THE STUPIDITY. Your brains are showing — or not.
STOP THE RUDENESS. Your manners are showing — or not.
STOP THE LAZINESS. Update your own records.
Come on.

And I’m certain some of you will email me and tell me how successful it was, or how customers don’t mind doing it. What a bunch of B.S. that is. Asking customers, prospects, and friends to stop what they’re doing to make sure your records are current? Give me a break.

How do you think your customers perceive you as a sales professional when you do this? At a minimum they’re thinking this guy can’t even keep his own database up to date. YIKES!

What are you doing for them? Where’s the value? Where’s the professionalism? How many records do you have that you can’t just pick up the phone and call them — with an idea or a valuable piece of information, and OH BY THE WAY, is my info correct?

START THINKING. How can you help your customer instead of helping yourself?
START DOING FOR YOURSELF. Your own admin, order forms, and follow-up.
START DOING FOR OTHERS. Things that prove you value them and their time.
START BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS. Give some value. Give some ideas.

MAJOR CLUE: What kind of an image of yourself and your work ethic are you sending to your customers and prospects? If they place an order, are you gonna call them and ask if they can pick it up so you don’t have to fill out the FedEx forms?

And worse, these “please update” emails are always a pitch for the database software company that says, “Join in, become a member — so that you too can annoy the hell out of your customers and look like a fool.” And oh, by the way, they purposely leave off the direct email of the sender so that you can only go through their system, and get you to register before you can do anything. This is the ultimate in frustration and rudeness.

How about this: Do your own work. Times are changing rapidly. Economic news is hitting every sector every day. Your customers need help, not frivolous emails begging for their assistance because you’re too lazy to do it yourself.

SHORT LESSON: There are no shortcuts in sales. For a reason. There are no shortcuts to relationship building. And every action you take as a salesperson exposes you and how you conduct yourself as a sales professional.
SALES LESSON: Insurance salespeople fill out the forms for the customer. Always have, always will.
HARD LESSON: Mortgage salespeople don’t fill out the forms for the customer — maybe that’s why it’s so hard for them to secure customers. “We fill out the forms” would be a competitive advantage to gaining my business.
VALUE LESSON: Updating your database is a great opportunity to reconnect with your entire customer base, if you will just pick up the phone and call everyone. You heard me, EVERYONE!
REALITY LESSON. How about coming up with a few ideas that will leave a positive impression on your customers rather than a pathetic one?

Pick up the phone and call every customer. You might just get an order. Can you imagine a customer saying, “Glad you called, I’ve been meaning to call you, I have an order for you!”

That would be a “delight” instead of a “delete.”

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