e-mail cold calls, a new way to net sales

e-mail cold calls, a new way to net sales

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at gitomer.me.



email cold calls, a new way to net sales

Surfing for sales? Browsing for hot prospects? Tired of cold calling? (If you’re not tired of cold calling, let me assure you that the prospects you’re trying to reach are tired of receiving them (and “tired” is a kind word “irate” is closer to the truth).

The internet is a global opportunity to make instant innovative cold calls. It’s the first new cold calling opportunity since the fax. How many eletters of solicitation are you sending each day? Probably none. Pity. Well, don’t worry, your biggest competitor is cranking away at it.

Authors Note: This column in no way condones or recommends mass unsolicited email. I hate it, it’s stupid, it makes the recipient angry, and the people who send them should be regulated (forced to put a “bulk” note of some kind on the subject line). The intent of this message is about reaching onetoone targets that you have preselected and done research on, before you “e” the letter.

Want to get a few new solid prospects a day? Want to do it in an instant? Want to make a creative impression? Want to be perceived as different from competition? Try “Target Cold EMailing” your prospect.

Besides the obvious needs (computer and modem), you’ll also have to have some pre call knowledge of the prospect and his business which you should have anyway right?

Then just follow this 5.5 point game plan for “E” success.

1. Use innovative “subject” lines (the tag line that identifies your letter in his email box before it’s read)

Biggest competitor

Biggest customer

Hottest selling product

Child’s name

Last vacation spot

Favorite team name

College attended

Name of a mutual friend

Use the preface “so I said to…”

2. Use creative openings (gaining the prospect’s attention, and raising their desire to read more)

I was wondering how…

Your (biggest need) is solved…

Tell a personal fact you found out by asking around.

A comment made by a competitor.

A comment made by a customer.

Ask a compelling question.

Your voice mail is broken I’ve left a few messages and you haven’t returned my call.

Your telephone messages may not be getting through…

3. Mold the body of the message to the prospect (here’s some simple guidelines for maximum message effectiveness, engagement, and success)

Short and sweet (one line creative, one line point, one line ask)

Don’t apologize, ask for permission, grovel, or beg.

Don’t send too much information, just tease the next step in the sales cycle just ask for ONE thing at a time go slow.

Have a quote in italics to tie in the message.

Have a motivational “thought for the day.”

Tell the prospect to “call this reference” for credibility.

Ask to meet for coffee.

Ask for the (order) next step in the sales cycle.

4. Be funny (if you go for humor, be sure it’s funny. Ask for a second opinion before clicking the send button)

Attach a fun file, joke or humorous article.

Ask for a cup of coffee.

Attach a top ten list.

5. Go for “addon” technology (use the latest technology to dazzle)

Attach a self running animated file that makes your message come alive. (be careful of file size)

Attach something that’s business germane with a 3D file.

Use auto return message by just clicking a button (click here for OK, and the rest is automatic)

5.5 Just “E” it. Here are the most often asked stupid questions and assorted dumb statements about webselling:

Jeffrey, how do you get the prospect’s email address? Ask for it. Duh.

Jeffrey, I’m not on the internet. No problem. Did you hear Dewey lost to Truman? Get in the real world.

Jeffrey, the boss won’t get us a web site or internet address. You have your own money now. Spend it on yourself. If the boss wouldn’t feed you would you starve? Feed yourself. It’s your career, not his. It’s your success, not his. Invest in your success.

Jeffrey, suppose the people I’m emailing get mad. Chicken. No madder than an intrusive, rude cold call. Besides, if you make it innovative, creative and fun you’ll score points. Go for it.

Jeffrey, what do I do if they don’t respond? Get more creative.

Sales calls are already being made over the computer cameratocamera (mini video cameras that transmit a picture). Get ready for web selling before it passes you by. And of course, as innovative as this sounds, someone will read this twenty years from now and laugh at the crudeness of the technology.

Your sales success is dependent on keeping up with technology, or risk getting lost in space cyberspace. Surf’s up.

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