Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

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There are eight personal barriers to a sale.

These barriers are caused by YOU either before, during, or after thesale. There are no remedies listed here — these are only offered as areality check. When a sale is stalled or lost, it may be that thereason is below.

1. The customer doesn’t like you.
2. The customer doesn’t trust you.
3. The customer doesn’t believe you.
4. The customer doesn’t have confidence in you.
5. The customer doesn’t like, trust or have confidence in your product.
6. The customer doesn’t like, trust or have confidence in your company.
7. The customer has had a previous bad experience with your product oryour company.
8. The customer has heard of a previous bad experience with yourproduct or your company (and believed it).

I recommend that you list the last five sales you lost. Write the mainreason or two you THINK you lost each one. Then compare your reason tothis list and see if the reason you THOUGHT you lost the sale was asymptom or a result, caused by one of the eight barriers listed above.

I hope this list helps as much as it hurts.

And thanks for being my customer!

Jeffrey Gitomer, Chief Executive Salesman

Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of
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