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Communication Tips to Click with Your Client

By Dianna Booher

Prospects size you up personally while making their buying decision. “Are you credible?” “Competent?” “Interested in their situation?” The following tips will help you avoid the blank stare of disengagement.

Consider Your DemeanorDon’t Confuse Boring for Sincere

Create flair and drama as you present a new idea, product, or service. Wanting to shed the huckster image of 40 or 50 years ago, some sales professionals have gone to the other extreme, and removed all animation, inflection, and energy from their delivery style in an effort to come across as more “sincere.”

Instead of sincere, the result is lackluster and boring.

If you’re not passionate about your proposal, neither will your buyers be. Never confuse genuine enthusiasm for lack of professionalism. If you want to see the passion and power to move a world to action, watch the delivery styles of world leaders. Don’t let a passionless demeanor destroy your prospect’s confidence in your offering.

Distinguish Between Agreeing and Understanding

Agreeing and understanding have similar “symptoms”smiling, nodding head, supportive statements. Make sure your buyer knows that you’re communicating that you understand as opposed to agree with a viewpoint or issue. Not recognizing this difference can lead to opposite conclusionsand big disappointments and misunderstandings.

Never Just “Walk Through” Your ProposalGive a Guided Tour

Your buyers will beat you to the end every time. While you’re still on page two, your buyers will be on page eight, checking out the pricing section. In fact, your proposal will compete with you for attention. Instead, carefully select which parts of your proposal to present orally. Then refer buyers to a specific page only after you make your key point about that page.


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