Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

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One personal branding step at a time.

What should you do first?.Make a plan. Write your specific objectives and what you expect to get from each outreach. Note well that the best plan is a solid mix of things.

Your best initial investment?.Seek professional help. Pay a public relations person an hour or two fee and bounce ideas off them. Ask them what they would do if it were them and their zero-budget. I’d rather have $500.00 worth of professional advice than a $500.00 worthless mailing that gets no response.

Get an ad specialty that’s novel.Something people will talk about or show to others. Something they will see or use daily and think of you in a positive way. Make sure the quality of the ad specialty reflects the quality of your company. Go first class or don’t travel.

To get the fastest (and best) results — go slow.A good plan takes a year to start working, and gathers momentum between year one and year three. The business community (local or by industry) is wary of a flash in the pan. Slow and steady is the watchword — especially steady. Low heat takes longer to cook, but always tastes better — and you never get burned.

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