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UntitledHere is Bronwyn Allen’s list (in her own words) of “Ten Ways That I Stay Positive”

1. I smile before I answer the phone or greet a client. It’s a positive way to start a relationship with a client or build on an existing relationship. It is also contagious. It is a very rare occasion when I do not get a smile and a pleasant conversation in return. Even people who hate “perky people” will smile as they are saying, “I hate perky people.”
2. I work and study hard in order to become knowledgeable about my job requirements and our clientele. Knowledge is power. When you empower yourself and gain confidence, negatives can be taken care of with little or no stress.
3. I avoid bringing problems from home to work and problems from work home. This, of course, is easier said than done, but getting space from a problem can make the solution clearer.
4. I empathize with co-Workers and clients by being efficient. If his or her day is not going well, and I can make it better by being efficient, everyone’s day becomes more positive. It is also great to get praise for a job well done. I enjoy positive feedback from co-workers and clients (and yes, I do keep all of those notes and emails and read them again on days when the smile does not come as easily as it should!)
5. I treat every person I have contact with the way I want to be treated. Positivity feeds positivity. The smile you get from the UPS carrier might be the smile that you passed on to the client who, while he was signing that multimillion-dollar contract, told your boss how great your customer service is.
6. I Listen. I practice listening well. Understanding the needs of a client or a co-worker will prevent or alleviate stress and enables me to stay positive.
7. I learn from people and learn about people. If I finish the day feeling that I have learned something new or made an interesting new acquaintance, I become positive and energetic about the next day.
8. I adapt to change as quickly as possible. I keep myself open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. This too is easier said than done, and a challenge. But I love a challenge and there is a lot of positive energy when I get a chance to learn and grow!
9. I try to recognize and replace my negative qualities with positive qualities. I try not to personalize criticism (which works about half of the time). I work on getting to the root of the problem and modifying the behavior.
10. I dress for confidence and comfort. Compliments from co-workers and/or clients recharge the positive energy any time during the day. I stay more positive when I am comfortable.

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