Chicken Habits

Chicken Habits

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

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GitBit ChickenHabits

If you’re still resorting to “chicken” habits after readingthe column that directed you here, I am adding 2.5 more strategies that willhelp you make the sale, even if you’re a cluck.

1. Have your bosscall the customer and talk for a while. He or she may be able to uncoverthe real buying motive or barrier to the sale.

2. Have your boss gowith you on the follow-up sales call. This adds credibility, and the trueability to make a deal on the spot.

2.5 Have one of yourcustomers call the prospect. A live testimonial will sway a buyer who is onthe fence, especially if your customer was a former customer of your biggestcompetitor and switched to you.

CAUTION: Makesure you’re talking to the real decision maker. Otherwise, the call or visitfrom the boss, or the call from your customer on your behalf, will beCOMPLETELY WASTED on someone who has to re-tell the story, or worse, someonewho has to go ask his daddy after you “thought” you had secured a meeting withthe final decider.

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