Customer Wellness

Customer Wellness

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at

What is Customer Service training anyway

What is Customer Service training anyway?

Two things it isn’t — your policy book — your rules.

They tell you what you CAN’T do —

Customer Service is what you CAN do in the customers best interest, combined with your ability to communicate (train and educate) those needs to your employees so they will execute them consistently and memorably.


Customer Wellness

An evaluation and game plan to understand, sell, serve and keep customers into the 21st century. America has discovered the least costly method of health care is prevention. The same is true in business. The least costly way to (re)solve customer problems is to prevent them from occurring. Customer Wellness is a proactive awareness and action program that focuses on the prevention of loss of customers based on understanding customer needs and perceptions, benchmarking your best practices, and empowering everyone in the company to follow through. Keeping your relationships with your customers healthy. You start by identifying… What customers want. How customers want to be treated by sales and service people? Redefining the way you interact with customers. The power of creativity and memorability. The power of the reorder. The cost of a customer firing you. Gitomer’s Customer Wellness 12-Point Success Formula (attached).Customer Wellness identifies of your customer’s needs, desires, and expectations — matches them with your competitive advantages — and helps you develop and implement a personalized game plan to keep them healthy — forever. And you have a choice. If you don’t, your competition will. Customer Wellness is a series of proactive action steps that are designed to meet and surpass customer service requirements into the 21st century.Customer Wellness is not a concept — Customer Wellness is a reality.

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Customer Wellness is a registered trademark.


Jeffrey Gitomer’sCustomer WellnessSuccess Workshops Workshop #1…Establish Benchmarks… The first step is to document best practice standards, methods of response, decision parameters, and a list of customer expectations.

Workshop #2…Empower employees… to decide and act based on your benchmarks. Empower everyone to follow through. Decide who can say no.

Workshop #3…Start with a “yes”… When your customer needs help, they want to hear yes. Train your team to start with yes.

Workshop #4…Developing a standardized “gripe response”… and then train everyone in your organization to execute it perfectly.

Workshop #5…Ask your customers to help you discover your strengths and weaknesses… by listing their “most important characteristics” in their relationship with you. Ask them to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in those areas of prime importance. Find out their perceptions and match them to yours. Modify or change your characteristics and perceptions to meet theirs.

Workshop #6…Improve BOTH strengths and weaknesses…make a plan for weakness and strength improvement that has a timetable and measurable results.

Workshop #7…Identify your competitive advantages…(super strengths) and play to those as often as possible. To identify them… ask your best customers.

Workshop #8…Stay in front of your customer… more than your competition. Develop marketing tools (like newsletters and web info) that aid that process.

Workshop #9…Train everyone in your business on the subjects they never learned in school… Jeffrey Gitomer’s 12.5 Elements of Service Program make memorable service is possible. Developing fundamental skills in Positive Attitude, Achieving Goals, Understanding Yourself and Others, Developing Pride, Accepting Responsibility, Listening to Understand, Effective Communicating, Embracing Change, Making Decisions, Working as a Team. and Memorable Service that Develops Loyal Customers.

Workshop #10…Train everyone to serve exceptionally and memorably… every customer, every time. Treat every customer as though they were your favorite celebrity, your best friend, your hero or your grandmother.

Workshop #11…Surprise your customers as often as you can… Exceed their expectations in a way that creates word-of-mouth advertising. You know how it feels when you are surprised — do it to someone else. Get people talking about you — all the time.

Workshop #12…Getting unsolicited referrals — often…This is the real measure of your success and the testament of your ability to serve.

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Customer Wellness is a registered trademark.