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5.5 success definitions that will impact your life

1. Positive attitude… Your attitude impacts everything you say and do. Many people cheat themselves out of achievement and success by having the wrong attitude. Earl Nightingale in his legendary tape “The Strangest Secret,” says “you become what you think about all day long.” To date it is the closest to understanding how a positive attitude is built as have ever been spoken. Positive attitude is the way you think about everything involving your life and your life’s words and actions. The way you dedicate yourself to the way you think.

2. Responsibility… Something that is taken not given. Something you can strive for or shirk. If you think everyone else is at fault except you…think again. You are responsible for your own success. Take ownership of your job and your dealings with customers and co-workers. The opposite of responsibility is “blame.” You either accept the responsibility for your words deeds and actions or blame someone else for your failure to perform (ask any politician — they live their entire career by blaming others).

3. Goal… Goal setting and goal achievement is a science and self discipline that must be practiced everyday. People who have “big money” as their ultimate goal, rarely attain it. — And those who have “being the best at what they do” or “love what they do,” almost always attain financial security. (secret: Having the right attitude about money will make it happen faster than wanting (setting a goal for) lots of it.

4. Philosophy… Something to live your life by (that most people don’t have). Philosophy must be understood and developed over time. It evolves. It matures. It becomes the heart of your core values. A way of life — not a theme. Here’s my philosophy for your perusal: I give value first, I help other people. I strive to be the best at what I love to do. I establish long term relationships with everyone. I have fun, And I do that every day. I have a philosophy, and I live my philosophy.

5.5 Daily dose… The little bit you do each day that leads to your success. Success does not happen in a day — it happened day by day.

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