Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of thirteen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His real-world ideas and content are also available as online courses at www.GitomerLearningAcademy.com.

Ezine Format and Criteria

If you want an ezine, here is what you have to ask yourself:

  • What do we do?
  • What am I an expert at?
  • How can an ezine help my customers?
  • Who do we want to reach?
  • What value do I want to give my recipients?
  • What do I want them to do? (buy product, re-order, click through, remember me as a good guy when it’s time to reorder, help them think in new ways, answer their concerns and questions, inform them, help them build their business
  • How many do I have on my list right now?
  • How many do I expect to add this year?
  • Each year?
  • What is my expected frequency of my message? I recommend weekly.

Here are a few examples of what your message of help and support needs to be:

If you supply a product like a copier or a computer:

  • You want to stress productivity, profitability, image, and morale – the things that the use of your machine creates. You may also want to give tips in sales and service.

If you are a service like accounting:

  • You want to talk money, tax advantages, sales, service.

If you are an add-on like health insurance:

  • It’s all about health, prevention, diet, food, wellness and the things that breed life.

What can an ezine do for you?

  • It’s a value communicator.
  • It will be welcomed by customers, prospects, vendors, bankers – everyone your business touches – including your prospective customers.

What your ezine must contain things like:

  • Tip of the week
  • An article that has value to the reader
  • Answered questions
  • Guest article
  • Success story
  • Featured customer
  • Quote of the week
  • And a story or note from you
  • Information that others perceive as valuable
  • Information that’s helpful to them
  • Information that helps them build their business
  • Information that helps them make a profit or increase productivity

Here’s how to decide on an ezine:

The first question you ask yourself is: how much are my present customers worth and what am I willing to invest to keep them and keep my competition from stealing them.

The second question you ask yourself is: how much is a new customer worth, and how am I staying in front of them after my presentation?

The third question you ask yourself is: How am I differentiating myself from my competition – would an ezine help me? Easy answer to that one – suppose your competition started a real slick one tomorrow? How would you feel?

The fourth question you ask yourself is: How am I staying in front of my customers – the lifeblood of my business – with a value message? A message that makes me different from, and better than, my competition? How important is it for me to be in front of my customers and how am I doing that now?

The fifth question you ask yourself is: How professional do I want my ezine to look?