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UntitledHere is Andy Dinkin’s fat-free sales formulaUse it often to gain sales — not weight

1. Identify those that are in front of you in the sales process and are potential lead sources — if you sell tires it would be car salesman, if you sell office furniture it would be commercial realtors, if you sell office supplies it might be copier salesman… the people who make a sale before you do.
2. Make a list of what your lead sources need to be successful in their business-marketing collateral, brand awareness, sales training, lead generation…If you don’t know ask. When you find out, find resources.3. Create a game plan that will allow you to provide these value-added service. This requires digging and hard work. But this is the golden part if the formula.
4. Use this value-before-the-sale-leverage to expand your circle of influence, and generate new prospects.
5. Have your new and improved circle of influence write you testimonials that you can use to engage others.

Gitomer note: Andy Dinkin has discovered that by giving genuine value to others BEFORE the sale is made, that a flood of business and loyal customers comes his way. But this method cannot be employed in an hour or a day. It takes time and effort. Lots of time, and lots of effort. Andy leads his field because he leads in effort and hard work. That’s the “formula before the formula.”

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