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What do you say when the prospect says:”I want to think about it.”

Nothing happens in business until someone sells something. You sell so the factory can produce the orders, so the copiers can be delivered, so the paper and paperclips can be used to make the proposals. Selling even occurs when you want the bank to loan you money or extend your line of credit. And a sale is always made! Either you sell the customer on YES or he sells you on NO!

Each week The Business Journal and I will present a series of “Real World” selling situations with practical answers and responses that you can use immediately to get more customers to say the magic word…YES!

Ever been in a situation when the prospective customer says “I want to think about it”? Don’t you hate to hear that? Let’s say you’re trying to sell Jones Construction a new copier. Jones is interested, but gives you the old line about thinking it over. Thinking it over is a stall, not a true objection. You can only make the sale if you find out what the true objection(s) is and creatively overcome it. Here is a response that will get Mr. Jones off the fence and onto the order pad.

Salesperson: Great, thinking it over means you’re interested, correct Mr. Jones?
Jones: Yes, I am.
Salesperson: You’re not just saying that to get rid of me are you? (said in a humorous vein)
Jones: Oh no, no, no. (laughter)
Salesperson: (seriously) You know Mr. Jones, this is an important decision. Is there anyone else in your company you will be thinking it over with? (meaning: is he deciding alone, or are others involved?)
Jones: No, just me.
Salesperson: I know you are expert at building; your reputation speaks for itself, but I’m an expert in copiers. Most people who think things over develop important questions that they may not have answers for…and you know the image of your business is on every copy you make. Why don’t we think it over together so that if you develop questions about the copier I’ll be right here to answer them. Fair enough? Now what was the main thing you wanted to think about? (At this point you will begin to get the real objections, if any.)

NOTE: If Mr. Jones had said he was going to think it over with others, you must think it over with all parties in the same room or you’re dead.

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50% of the time when the prospect says “I want to think it over” it really means he…

  • doesn’t have the money;
  • can’t decide on his own;
  • wants to shop around;
  • doesn’t need your product now;
  • doesn’t like your product;
  • doesn’t like you.
    The other 50% of the time he can be sold with the right words or phrases.

    So much for Mr. Jones. In the next weeks we will focus on overcoming objections, recognizing buying signals, and specific closing techniques. Here is a partial menu of subjects to be addressed. Each article will focus on a single issue so you can get as much practical, useable information as possible. The objective is to give you a technique you can use as soon as you make your next sales call.

    Overcoming Objections Series…
    What do you do when the customer says…

  • I want to check with two more suppliers.
  • Your price is too high.
  • I just bought from your competition.
  • I have to talk it over with my partner (boss, wife, etc.).
  • Business is slow right now.
  • We’ve spent our entire budget for the year.

    Recognizing Buying Signals Series

  • What are the five early warning signals that the prospect is ready to buy?
  • When is a question a buying signal?

    Closing the Sale Series…

  • How to ask a closing question.
  • The “Ben Franklin” close.
  • The “Puppy Dog” close.
  • The “Lost Sale” close.
  • The “Sharp Angle” close.

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