Fish Sale

Fish Sale

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

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Oregon Cedar Plank Salmon

Oregon Cedar Plank Salmon

Prepare smoked cedar plank salmon on your gas or charcoal barbecue.

Moisten the Oregon Cedar Grill under the tap while preheating outdoor gas or charcoal barbecue.

Sprinkle salmon filet with brown sugar or maple syrup. Season to taste with pepper and garlic.

Place filet on the Oregon Cedar Grill, skin down.

Place Cedar Grill with filet on barbecue grill. Close lid. Cook filet 12-15 minutes per pound.

The Oregon Cedar Grill will smolder, creating smoke. That’s what gives the salmon its wonderful smoked flavor. If flame occurs, douse with water as needed.

When the fish is cooked to liking, use your Oregon Cedar Grill to serve at the table. Place it on a cutting board or platter. Serve by sliding spatula between fish and skin

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