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BC Forbes

BC Forbes formula for sales success

“The art of salesmanship, as I see it, can be expressed in one terse sentence: Make people want to do business with you.” (BC Forbes, 1952) How can it be accomplished? First, a salesman must know his business, must know his goods, must know his “stuff” from A to Z. Second, he must master the problems of his prospects, so that he can see things and talk things from their angle. Third, he must be sincerely anxious to serve both his own concern and his customers. Fourth, he must cultivate a winning personality. Fifth, he must have faith in his firm, he must have faith in what he is selling, he must be profoundly convinced that it will pay people to do business with them. Sixth, — and perhaps, above all – he must carry with him at all times an atmosphere of cheerfulness. Seventh, each salesman should enthrone in his conscience this motivating thought: “Every order I can book means employment for wage-earners, and income for families. Prosperity depends on me.” If you think this formula is a bit hokey, remember these two things:

1. It was written more than 50 tears ago.

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