Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

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Networking…the official game.

When you go to a ball game, concert, mall, flea market, restaurant, Springfest, etc., the object is to know more people than the person you’re with.

Here’s how you play the game:

  • 1 point if you know someone
  • 2 points if they see you (and acknowledge you) first
  • 3 points if you see a minor celebrity (sports figure, DJ)
  • 5 points if you kiss someone of the opposite sex
  • 5 points if a celebrity acknowledges you first

It’s best to agree on rules and points when the game starts and ends. For example, at a basketball game it starts as you enter the rotunda at half time – you walk around once back to your section and the game is over (a scoring variation at a two story stadium is spotting someone upstairs when you’re downstairs – two points)

Networking Game 2…The Elevator Game

Get on the elevator when there’s someone else on it…and get off with their card.