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What’s the best way to achieve your goals

What’s the best way to achieve your goals?

Post-it Note Goals!

Goals are the road map to success. Everyone knows that, but fewer than 5% of our society sets and achieves them.

Goals are related to everything we strive to achieve from our daily to-do list to earning a million dollars.

Goal setting and goal achievement is a science and self discipline that must be practiced everyday. How do you set and achieve your goals?

How can a pad of Post-it notes put you on the path to greater achievement?

Follow the formula…

1. Write down big ones – On 3×3 yellow Post-it notes, write down your 3 prime goals in short phrases with bold letters. (get $25,000 funding for business; new car – Toyota; New Client – NationsBank)

2. Write down small ones – Write down your 3 secondary goals in short phrases with bold letters. (read book – Dale Carnegie; organize desk; build new closet)

3. Post them on your bathroom mirror where you can see them twice a day – You are forced to look at them every morning and evening.

4. Keep looking and reading until you act – You will look at them twice every day. You will read them aloud twice a day. You will look at them and read them until you are sick of looking at them, and reading them – and then you will begin to accomplish them. By posting the goal in the bathroom you are consciously reminded of your goals several times a day. From there your subconscious gets into the act. Gnawing away at your inner soul until you are driven to take positive action. Achievement actions.

At last you can say the magic wordsscream themI did it!

(Screaming positive things always feels wonderful.)

5. Start your day by looking at your successes – After your goal is achieved – take it off the bathroom mirror and triumphantly post it on your bedroom mirror so you can see your success every time you look in that mirror. Not only does it feel great, but you get to set the tone for a successful day every day first thing in the morning. Plus – it gets you motivated to keep achieving more.

The program is simple. The program works. The results will change your attitude.

The results will change your outlook about your capability of success achievement.

The results will change your life.

I urge you to give this process a solid thirty day trial. Use more small goals than big goals at first, so you can get immediate gratification. Post it. Post haste.

I hope you realize the full achievement of your goals.

May all your sales appointments be one call closes…that lead to long term relationships.

Jeffrey H. Gitomer

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