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The 18.5 rules of Business Golf

1. MAKE NICE. Establish a friendship first.

2. TALK GOLF. The first talk is golf talk.

3. MAKE REAL RAPPORT. Find the link.

4. GIMMIE GIMMIE. Establish the rules for the play of the game before the first shot.

5. JUST PLAY. It’s a game, not a championship. Have a blast, not a heart attack.

6. CHILL OUT. Relax and have a good time. Too intense of an effort puts more balls in the water than bad shots.

7. NO JACK. Only wager on the outcome if everyone is agreeable.

8. GET A GRIP. Don’t show your ass.

9. ABSTAIN BROTHER. Keep the big three to a minimum — smoking (cigars), swearing (the big bad words), and swigging (alcohol).

10. PLAY BALL Golf rules and golf etiquette are there for a reason — to be followed. Play like a member.

11. HONEST ABE. Let your ethics on the course be a reflection of your ethics of doing business after the game.

12. RESPOND FIRST. Talk business when they start to talk business.

13. YOU ARE NO PRO. If you don’t fancy yourself a golf pro, don’t give lessons.

14. KEEPSAKE. Make every round memorable (gift balls, photographs, trophy).

15. LIGHTNING STRIKES. Be on the lookout for luck. If you’re ready for it, it will happen.

16. YOU ARE NO LEMMING. Don’t follow someone else’s lead if they are doing the wrong thing.

17. STAY UP. Don’t get down on yourself if you’re playing crappy.

18. GET DOWN. Cheer others on to victory. Applaud their great shots.

18.5 ELEPHANT BALLS. They will never remember the score, but they will always remember the day — and how you acted.

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