Insurance Value

Insurance Value

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

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Insurance ValuePrice/Value Selling Examples

EXAMPLE ONE: There’s a company who sells insurance on the telephone, automobile insurance on the telephone. They advertise that they guarantee their rates to be the lowest and your can save up to 15% of your automobile insurance premium. Why doesn’t everyone buy from them? They’re the lowest price. The reason is, most people like to buy things from other people. Especially in the area of insurance where you may at some point have to make a “claim”.

EXAMPLE TWO: Ever had a health insurance claim denied that you thought you were entitled to? Ever made a claim to an insurance company only to find out that you weren’t “covered” How did you feel? Well guess what, the insurance agent, your salesman knew what was covered long before you ever bought the policy and his job or her job was to inform you or educate you of the benefits and the pitfalls of the product and service you were buying.

Wouldn’t you have gladly paid another $5 per month or a $100 per month to ensure “insure” that the computer stolen out of your car or fried by an electrical storm was covered in your premium? I’m going to repeat myself, all insurance costs the same. The same way all copiers, automobiles, houses and anything else you want to name costs the same. The only difference in price is what’s added in or what’s left out. As a buyer, you have to be smart enough (caveat emptor) to know what it is that you are buying and not only look at the price of the item but rather seek the value of the product and the person and the company that you’re buying from.

All insurance prices are about the same when you get apples to apples. And they’re the same with what you sell. The difference in VALUE is the person who is selling it. That would be you.

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