Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

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Use this form to evaluate a candidate for your next sales position. Rate the candidate 1-5 in each of the categories. Total the score and compare it to others. See the scoring page for weighted value questions.

Seeking the ultimate salesperson rate the traits and characteristics employers seek in sales candidates…

1=poor, 2=average, 3=good, 4=very good, 5=outstanding

Candidate’s Name ____________________________________

___ Positive Attitude…Does he possess the positive mental attitude necessary to maintain enthusiasm, accept rejection and get along with everyone? (NOTE WELL — If the candidate does not have a great attitude — don’t bother going any further — It’s a waste of your time and your money. Start with happy people.)

___ Ability to Communicate…Does he have the ability to organize his thoughts and ideas effectively? Can he express them clearly when speaking or writing? Can he present his ideas to others in a persuasive way?

___ Intelligence…Does he have the ability to understand the job? Learn the details of selling and his product? Contribute original ideas to his work?

___ Self-Confidence…Does he demonstrate a sense of maturity that enables him to deal positively and effectively with situations and people? Did he sell himself well?

___ Willingness to Accept Responsibility…Is he someone who recognizes what needs to be done and is willing to do it? Will he accept what goes wrong as his fault?

___ Initiative…Does he have the ability to identify the purpose for work and to take action? Is he a self starting person?

___ Leadership potential…Can he guide and direct others to obtain the recognized goals and objectives? Will he lead by example?

___ Energy Level…Does he demonstrate a forcefulness and capacity to make things move ahead? Can he consistently maintain his work effort at an above-average rate?

___ Creativity and Imagination…Can he confront and deal with problems that may not have standard solutions? Can he come up with ideas that will set him apart from others (and the competition)?

___ Flexibility…Is he capable of changing and being receptive to new situations and ideas? Can he adapt to them and succeed with them?

___ Interpersonal Skills…Can he bring out the best efforts of individuals so they become effective, enthusiastic members of a team? Can he do the same with his prospects and customers?

___ Self-Knowledge…Can he realistically assess his own capabilities? See himself as others see him? Clearly recognize his strengths and weaknesses?

___ Ability to Handle Conflict…Can he successfully contend with stress situations and antagonism? How well does he recover from them?

___ Competitiveness…Does he have the capacity to compete with others and the willingness to be measured by his performance in relation to that of others? Does he want to be #1?

___ Direction…Has he defined his basic personal needs? Has he determined what type of sales or career position will satisfy his knowledge, skills, and goals?

___ Goal Achievement…Does he have the ability to identify and work toward specific goals? Do those goals challenge his abilities? Has he been successful in the past?

___ Sales Skills…Does he possess the positive combination of education and experience required for the position I’m offering?

___ Desire…How bad does he want to succeed? How bad does he want the job? How hungry does he seem?

___ Personal Appearance/Image…Does he look like someone I would want to represent my company?

___ Articulation/Expressiveness…Did I understand him? Will our customers understand him?

___ Interview Preparation…Does he know anything about our industry or my company? Does he have a list of questions?

___ Responsiveness/Enthusiasm…Were his responses those I’d want to hear in a sales presentation? Is he enthusiastic?

___ Persuasiveness…Does he sell me that way I’d want him to sell others? Can he persuade?

___ Decisiveness…Was he straight forward when I asked straight forward questions? Did he answer with conviction?

___ Perceptiveness/Grasp of the Situation…Does he “get it”? Did he seem to understand what was said and what needs to be done?

___ Sense of Humor…Does he have one? Was he spontaneously funny?o

___ Analytical Facility…Does he display the ability to spot a need or problem. Did he write things down?

___ Motivation for Selling…Does he display the love of selling? Did he speak of a career?

___ Motivation for self advertising…Will he be good at networking? Will he network to help build his contacts and relationships?

___ Involvement…Was he actively involved in the interview? Was he alert and focused.

___ Questioning…Did he ask intelligent questions? Were the questions on the selfish (bad) side — vacation, benefits, sick days or on the team (good) side — What will I do? How will I contribute?

___ Extracurricular Activities…How well rounded of an individual is he? Is he involved in the community?

___ Maturity…Does he display a level of maturity that is consistent with our needs?

___ Judgment…Does he seem to display good judgment. Does he have a history of good judgment?

___ Social Amenities, Manners…Does he display the type of manners that represent our company to our customers.___ Chemistry…Do I have a good feeling about this person. Do I think he will “fit in”?

___ Previous Success…Does he have a solid track record of winning at other positions?

___ Experience…Does he have the experience needed to be productive immediately? Does he have the experience needed to deal with our customers?

___ Character/Integrity…Does he display the type of character that will build the image of our company?(NOTE: If you’re interviewing a woman, change the pronouns above to she/her)Situation and Skill Assessment Summary

Total Score _____

Candidates Comments ______________________________________________________

Recommendations __________________________________________________________

Interview by _________________________ Date _______________Score_____________

There are 39 characteristics with a total of 195 points possible. I think you should rate or value the questions so that 10 carry double points and are rated separately than others. Pick them based on the needs of your company.