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JobHere are three more things to do when you are considering a switch:

1. Call the customers and vendors of your prospective employer. Customers have the most real-world and revealing information. They can tell you about things like financial ability, quality, and ethics. Real truth will come from the people they do business with every day.

2. Do a google (or dogpile) search on your prospective employer. Google and dogpile will reveal any rumblings good or bad.

3. Take some kind of assessment (aptitude test) to determine what you have an aptitude for. You may be a round peg in a square hole.

3.5 Weigh, consider, and measure everything about your next job EXCEPT money. Too often money is a false indicator of the-grass-is-always-greener syndrome. If you take everything into consideration, the long term chances for your success will be greater

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