Network Marketing

Network Marketing

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at

Network Marketing

The “Division of Profit” Rule

“It makes everyone you see have a value,
even if they don’t buy.” –Jeff Roberti

What do you get paid for – the sale or the sales call?
The sale is the effect (result) of the process.
The cause is talking to 10 people a day.
If you see ten people, three will try, one will buy. If you make$50.00 profit for the sale – think of it as making$50.00 for the entire process.
Every visit, every call is then worth $5.00. You earn what you’re worth, you get paid $5.00 per visit, not $50.00 per sale.

Divide your profit by the number of people you need to get a sale.If you make $50 profit per sale and one in ten buy – every “no” is worth $5.00. WOW!

“Network Marketing Super Success”
With selected quotes and success principles from Jeff Roberti –
the highest earning distributor in NSA (National Safety Associates).
Roberti’s challenge is…TEAR UP YOUR LIST OF EXCUSES!

Appeal to people who are dissatisfied with their present job or situation.
Appeal to people who want more or better than they’ve got right now.
Appeal to people who want the American Dream, but don’t know how (or haven’t made a plan) to achieve it.

You build your business by talking to people. The by-product of talking is sales. Not all other people want to buy. Talk to ten a day.Three people try it. Only one buy. The sale is a result of talking.

Use the process of conversion marketing – convert someone to your thought process and your way of thinking.

Create more opportunities to talk to more people. The more people you talk to, the more successful you’ll become.

Develop a story, a great sales presentation that combines information with personal success and belief in what you’re doing. Use testimonials of every type and description to support the statements you make.

Have a retail based presentation (product use oriented) that easily converts a prospect into a recruit after he or she has used the products and has an opportunity to develop beliefs similar to yours.

Be believable in what you say – people will buy if you’re believable.

Start by using your Circle of Influence (people you already know, who are influenced by you). Start by selling them the product, getting them to use and believe the product, and telling them about your opportunity AFTER the belief in it has been established.

Build a large customer base of people who use (and believe in) your product. Be in contact with them regularly. Once a week minimum.

Money is made in network marketing by talking to people. Talk to your contacts. Get them to use and begin to believe in the product(s).

Tell your new customer, “After you try and believe in this product, I’ll show you how – by sharing this product with your friends, – you can make some extra money.”

The key to building your organization (down-line) is to go from satisfied retail user to network marketing recruit. When a person sees the merit and value of the product – you have a steady customer. From steady customers you will get one, two or three things…

  1. Referrals
  2. Testimonials
  3. An opportunity to add him or her as a new distributor to your down-line.

Develop people 2 x 2. After the contact becomes a satisfied customer and has used and believes in the products, you should recruit him or her into the business PART TIME. Train them personally. Work with them(make appointments, presentations, demonstrations, and sales together)until they begin to be successful. Then let them recruit one person for themselves and repeat (duplicate) the process.

The four word secret to making distributors (people in your down-line) successful is – tell – show – try – do.

The secret to building your organization is to lock arms with an inside group, get their commitment – and duplicate your abilities through them.

Stay with them until they develop a habit of success… and then get them to bring you ONE good person to duplicate what they just did for themselves.

Network marketing is a team effort. If you want to recruit team members, you don’t just tell them, you show them, you train them, and you work with them until they have enough of their own success and confidence to work with someone else. In essence you duplicate yourself.

In order to duplicate yourself successfully, you must lead by example. You must walk your talk.

In order to duplicate yourself successfully, you must find self-responsible, self determined, self motivated people and through your hard work and training, make them self functional and successful.

Supplement your warm market with ads and flyers. For example, by putting “Message Business Cards” on car windows, you will create new warm responses. Recruitment of some type must be done every day. You must solicit people to get your phone to ring.

Use your product as a talking tool to recruit others. Take advantage of everything the parent company offers to support your success. Use your companies sales and training tools to supplement your own knowledge and leverage your ability to recruit and train others. Sales support items include video and audio tapes, brochures, presentation examples, testimonials, articles that validate your claims, selling forms (to identify, contact, follow-up, sell and convert prospects), game plans to sell products in a group (home parties, executive luncheons), local network marketing meetings, regional training schools and conferences.

Call and encourage your down-line distributors every week.

Use the telephone as your strongest business building tool to grow your market. It’s the best method of marketing inside or outside your area.

Take rejection with a grain of salt. Some will, some won’t. So what?

Good habits are as hard to break as bad habits. Create good habits.

Let them see your honor, let them see your integrity. If they believe in you, they will go from part time to full time to life time.

To get rich at network marketing, you need a lot of people doing a little. “It’s better to make 1% of 100 people’s efforts than to make100% of your own.” J. Paul Getty

Consistency creates momentum. Your success will come from your consistency.

We are a reflection of our choices.

You must own your sales presentation. Perfect it and know it like your name. It’s not when you can remember what to say — it’s when you can’t forget.

The great thing about building a network marketing organization is that you pay yourself first. I advise you to take 10-15% of your earnings and invest it through a professional financial advisor.

The Network Marketing Success Credo…
I care more
that my customer uses
and gets results from
our products,
than I do if I make money.