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Take a Closer Look…A Point of View

Take a Closer Look…A Point of View

From the Prospect’s Perspective!

These 10.5 rules are at the core of your ability to understand and deal with the prospect. They are short, sweet and powerful.

1. Make up (and rehearse) questions that make you different and seek to gain important information.

2. Plan the conversation to include issues that concern the prospect’s business.

3. Do pre-call research about the prospect’s industry.

4. Do pre-call research about the prospect’s business.

5. Do pre-call research about the prospect as a person.

6. Do pre-call research about the prospect’s competition.

7. Subscribe to and read the prospect’s trade publication.

8. Insist on a plant or office tour. Ask questions about trouble areas, strengths, competitive advantages, and goals.

9. Know how you solve problems, not a bunch of boring facts about how great you are. Sell based on similar situations that the prospect can relate to.

10. Gather (earn) testimonials from similar industries or working conditions. Take them with you as final proof.

10.5 Relax and have fun — get away from a pitch and into a real conversation.

Self-Practice Perspective Workshop…

Ask yourself — how would I feel if I was listening?

Ask yourself — how would I feel if I were offered this deal?

Ask your prospect — to write a wish list about your product or service — things he wishes he had with regard to your offerings.

Ask your prospect — about his last major purchase — how did they decide? What was missing? What went wrong? What was the best part? Would they do it again? What made them decide?

Ask your prospect — for a list of questions or concerns in advance.

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