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Positive Persuasion

Here are a few things to ask yourself as you are beginning to try and persuade others. Obviously, you have to believe in the company, the product, and yourself first. But there are 2.5 other things that are critical to the success of your desire to persuade.

1. Would you want it? If you don’t want it, how the heck are you going to persuade someone else to want it? Your desire for your own product will reveal your passion for trying to persuade others. If your passion is hollow, your perspective customer will smell the money.

2. Does the other person benefit? Now before you jump up and scream “Yes!” take the question one step further, and tell me HOW does the other person benefit? If their benefit is great, then your ability to persuade will be enhanced. The more they benefit, the easier it will be for you to persuade them.

2.5. How will you feel about this tomorrow? How will you feel about this next week? How will you feel about this next year? Your own guilt will also be a determining factor in your ability to positively persuade. The real question here is will the customer give you a referral next year? If they will, then your persuasion process was a positive one.

Jeffrey Gitomer
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