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Bill Whitley’s Five Question Prospective Client Qualifier Test:

Bill Whitley’s Five Question Prospective Client Qualifier Test:

  1. Are they one of the top 100 area accounts?
  2. Can we expect to do at least $100,000 worth of revenue with them during the next 12 months?
  3. Do they have customers they can take us to (can we get referrals)?
  4. Are they high profile opportunity?
  5. Are they based in our area (do we have a geographic advantage)?

If you can’t answer yes to at least two or three of these questions, you are probably wasting your time.

Bio: Bill Whitley, VP of Sales, iXL-Charlotte

Bill Whitley began developing interactiv3 computer based programs in 1984 while working for Broadway & Seymour, an IBM system integrator. By using interactive presentations he became one of the firm’s top sales representatives and maintained 80% closing ratio for five years.

In 1989, he formed The Whitley Group; a Charlotte based interactive multimedia design and production company. After growing an average of 40% per year for 8 years, the Whitley Group was acquired by one of the nations largest interactive media developers, Atlanta based iXL.

With over 1,400 employees, iXL develops leading edge Web sites, Intranets, Multimedia Presentations, Touch-Screen Kiosks and Interactive Training Programs and for companies like; AT&T, IBM, Turner Broadcasting, Time Warner, UPS and Pepsi. Bill is the VP of Sales for iXL-Charlotte and has participated in the conceptual design of nearly 250 interactive media projects over the past 9 years.

Bill’s interactive media experience combined with his understanding of sales and marketing, makes him a sought after speaker. He speaks nationally on the topics of “Selling with Technology” and “Harnessing the poser of the Internet for Profit.” Bill is a contributing writer to trade journals on topics relating to the future of electronic sales and marketing.

Bill can be reached at bhitley@ixl.com telephone (704) 943-7100

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